Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Accountability, where is it?

As I have stated before, we can not allow for a healthcare reform bill to be signed into law, without our elected representatives being held accountable. It doesn’t matter, by what the wolf in sheep’s clothing, is still a wolf. Whether it be co-op, or public option, neither can do any physical good for our nation. Be on guard for a relentless barrage of rhetoric, from the proponents of the public option, or what it is called today.

The Obama administration just can’t seem to decide which direction they should proceed. For, it is assured that the arrogance of the ‘Elitist’ administration, that some form of there foolishness will push through an unwanted enactment. Any such legislation would be detrimental to our everyday lives. Not to mention the economic distress placed upon the healthcare system itself.

The liberals are whining the upheaval of the lowly peasants (citizens), to actually question there superiority. They cry of being the only ones conceding in the questions of legislation, and with that being so, why should they take part in bipartisanship. Not once,  have they mentioned the loss of the American people. The very bipartisan constituency that allowed for them to be placed in the seat of their respected positions.

Then,  there are the Republicans. Now there is a real fiasco. They claim all responsibility for the “grassroots” efforts affronted by the people, in the ‘townhall’ meetings. They claim victory to the sense of setting the momentary silence of the Obama administration, on there healthcare scenario. Yet, not once, have they sat out the platform, as a whole, that the people did that all on their own. Oh no, they want to take credit for all that they did not do.

With that being said, where were our representatives, while we were accosted at these meetings, and rallies? Nowhere! That’s right, we were on our own. An independent force, to be reckoned with. Yes, I said “Independent”. The real and true opposition were the ‘People’. The current, legislating, “two-party” partisanship has utterly disassembled our rights and liberties. The only defenders of the “People”, were ‘Third Party’, and non-aligned alliances.

The time is anew for the ‘Third Party’ candidate, to receive their elected share of the legislative government. For the defense that was shown, and upheld by these members, is proof in itself that the “two-party” system must be set aside. The solution  for a system in distress, is an obvious one. Legislation must be passed, for the equal representation in the authorities, that be. Simply, allow for a “multi-party” election. Thus, allowing for the quality of an individual, and not that of just the current “career-partied”, to be set in ‘ballot access’.

Be aware, the “two-party” agenda, is not just in the federal government, but on all levels. For the State Assembly is even guilty of such acquisition and dissemination of our ‘Constitutional’ rights. Where were they, when we needed them? Sitting at home, earning their per diem, most likely. I didn’t see them making light of the politics of the day. If  for no other reason, but to earn a sympathy vote.  They could have shown support, by holding their own ‘localized’ townhall meetings. The truth of the matter, they don’t feel that we have the capability of the thinking on our own.

I am taking the “Call of Accountability” to the localized, legislative bodies, as well as to that of the federal government. I am asking that the local legislators explain themselves, and reasoning for not making representation their primary duty, and responsibility. For their duties and responsibilities, thereof do not just end, when they go into adjournment. To my recollection, they are elected to certain term periods, and are to represent us in all the time of those, pertaining. I don’t know about you, but I want answers.

I apologize for my banter, but I am fed up with the disregard of our rights, by the so-called representatives, that I (we) have elected. If they can’t do the job, then they can, and will be replaced. They are accountable, and I for one, am holding them to their oath of office. For they have sworn allegiance to the constitutions of Indiana, and the United States. That oath will not be taken lightly, and they shall have recourse, come November 2010.


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