Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hear us, for we will be heard!

In the latest demise of liberty, the Democrat Bureaucracy has reared its fierce head. The latest “Townhall” meeting for Baron Hill (D-IN), shows the true positioning of the “elitist” attitude, of our elected representatives. They continuously make face of the idea, that we might just know what we want and need. The Democrat Rep. made light of the fact (more like his opinion), that it was his “…meeting”, and not one for the citizen.

He tried to backtrack with the statement, “Let me repeat that one more time. This is my town hall meeting, for you.” Just who is this “you” he mentioned? For all, his true intentions were full well known. He obviously believes he is far superior to the peasantry of southern Indiana. Time must numb the minds of “elitist” aristocrats, for it wasn’t but just a few years ago that voters showed the very same Baron Hill, that he was no baron of any hill in southern Indiana.

In the same instance the very same voters that made the decision to oust him, voted him to the office, previously held. Maybe, we don’t know what we need, but that is the beauty of the good and glorious nation that we reside. For, if we make a mistake, we can make reparation to the matter, come next election cycle. Lest, I remind you of the coming election (2010), what matters can, and will, be made to face our wrath.

Now, with that being said, the Democrats are not the lone culprits. The Republicans have committed the fair share of atrocities, as to what they refer to as “Government”. I am assured that these officials must have a different ideology, than that of mine.  The government, as I know for the United States of America, has always been that of the people. To their recognition, the citizen is a mere imbecile. To the credit of the imbecile electorate, the truth will show in November 2010. For, the citizen will decide the matter, and with a memory of distrust.

The matter, in fact, is to the question, “Where is my local representative?” That question should be illuminating the fact, that the State Representatives made no light of the matter. They are the local representation, and part of the electorate, themselves. It would have been thought that the matter could have been used to a political advantage, on their own part. Well, that is a matter for another day. How many state legislators stood their ground and took a stand on the same issues.

Again, it all falls to political agenda. Elected officials tend to fall prey to the matter of a superiority complex. Without term limitation, this will be an ever-increasing issue. For, it comes to be that there are no challenges to their post. The opposition being leery of setting a challenge to an incumbent. Without this challenge, they become an inclusive part of the problem.

The issue of the citizen constituent, must be pledged. This citizen has all the rights of authority, thus granted by the U S Constitution. Maybe, these elected officials should be reminded that our government is that, “of the people, for the people, and by the people”. That seems pretty self-explanatory to me. What do I know, for I am but a lowly peasant.

Why must our very own government, continue to usurp the rights and liberties, granted thus, by the very founding documents. They must adhere to the rights and authority of the citizen. What will it take to assist in their understanding that they are public servants, and therefore, employees of the very people, they have belittled.

In closing, I call on Baron Hill, and his cohorts, to show respect when you are directing your attentions away from that of the citizen. Explain yourself, Mr. Hill. You, and your Capitol Hill associates have shown a great disrespect towards the Constitution, and the citizen. It has gone way beyond that of a public apology. You have to time to show true faith in your obligations of office, by performing your duties, as to that required of you. In the performance of such duties, you will have taken a great step towards the correcting of great misjudgements.

It is with respect and authority, that we, the people have made our voice heard. Hear us, for the people have spoken.


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