Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the wrong side of history.

The events of the recent months have become enamored by the actions of our President. In the period of his taking of office, he has undertaken the deconstruction of our Constitution. Along with the destabilization of our economic system, we can only wonder he will go next. His campaign of change has shown to be that of different kind of change than we had bargained for.

However, he is the President of the United States of America. Being thus, his office must be shown due respect. Though the person has not shown much reason to be granted such respect. In regards to his office, an oath was given to uphold the Constitution. The constitutional reasoning for such oath is a promise to that of the people of the United States of America. He must be reminded of this promise.

The drama of his agenda must be subsided and brought to order. There is no need for the apologies of international intrigues. These apologies are not necessarily of bad character, yet still not needed. Our actions abroad should be reviewed behind our own walls, and not that of international concern. For, he must know the idea of bringing one's own house to order in order to undertake issues outside the house.

He has caused turmoil in his dealings with the concern of the “Citizen”. Calling their actions “stupid” and politically opposing, he has platformed the “Elitist” attitude. The matter of “stupid” referring to Professor Gates and the police. The occasional beer will not appease for long. The promotion of alcohol can only bring about other questions, so I will move on.

It should be considered that he spend more time fulfilling his duties, instead of taking company (Citizen) time to push an agenda of an unwanted healthcare policy. His self-fulfilling aggrandizement needs to be ceased. If it is stardom he wants then let him take to screen-acting. The office of President is not that of playtime. It is obliging to that of the Constitution and the “People”. The time for performing the elected duties of office is now.

President Obama, it is time to take issue with the pertaining matters of the Constitution. Where do you stand on this issue? It seems as though the Constitution is seen as clay, and can be molded to fit the situation. Well Sir, it is not! It is the foundation by which this great nation was formed.

The associations of our President, with the likes of Castro, Chavez, Kadaffi and Zelaya, can only bring alarm to the citizenry. Most likely not a major concern, yet how are we supposed to act. The fear of the unknown can only attribute to the actions to dissolve the “American Way” of life. I must admit, the fear is within me. Yet, I am not frightened. Though I am not going to remain silent on the issues at hand. I find it to be my constitutional duty to stand proud and reform my nation.

The President is setting a precedence in history, being the first US President to head the UN Security Council. The actions he has shown recently leads me to wonder what he intends to do with this historical event. In doing so, will he disregard our national sovereignty. It is with deep prayer that I ask him not to allow for the disenfranchisement of my nation. Shall he be granted the strength to show allegiance to his duties to our nation and the Constitution.

In closing, I will quote Patrick Henry:

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object.


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