Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Implication of Liberty

The dissenter's pleas can be heard by all who will give ear. It seems as though all is well in our utopia, or that is how the mainstream media will have us to believe. The bureaucrats of our government seem wanton of the same. To see the truth, all one has to do is open their eyes and see how their neighborhood fairs.

Elitist dreams of a fascist brand of leadership. Leadership, that is a peculiar way to direct their version of thought on how our society should suffice the population. This leadership facet can only take us further from the truth. They seem to govern on how they believe we should live, instead of the way we want to live. What kind of life is that? No life is the answer.

This branded agenda will only be brought to light via the idea of population control. How is this, you may ask? Well, it is like this. The General Welfare clause of their own demise has been usurped to bring Big Brother evermore into the facet of daily life. As in all forms of authoritarian rule they have used general welfare as an all-fairing guide to enlist the citizen to perform the tasks in revolution. The call for General Welfare has an implication of liberty that can be of an unassuming nature.

If the citizen is convinced that such activity will improve such liberties, if only they were suspended for a period of time. Yes, the relinquishing of liberty to perfect society as a whole. Sounds good, doesn't it? If you want government to make the decisions in every manner possible, then that is the plan for you. For me, no. I know that freedom and liberty are derived from the securing of such rights and not the relinquishing of such.

Have you been derided for your expressions of freedom? Are you called a racist because you don't agree with everything your government states? When you speak out in public, are you named a traitor? That is what has happened in the recent debates on legislation. If you spoke in favor of such matters then you were a great American. Now, if you spoke against the legislation you were noted as a political terrorist or a traitor. This is by your elected representatives. With this being stated, who are they representing? As I recall, I didn't vote for anyone that was going to accuse me of being unpatriotic or a terrorist.

Maybe I am mistaken, but I do believe the Constitution calls for the citizen to reform the government. Of the people, by the people, for the people. That is a beautiful statement. Simple, yet assuring of freedom. So, one might think. Our elected government does not seem to see it this way. They are educated and elite in all that they do. That is what they believe. What do you think? After all you are the elector.

Do you feel equally represented? You should, since you pay more than your fair share of taxes. The truth can only be told, "One person, one vote". The representation of the people is totally inadequate. It can be seen when a legal vote of the people is disallowed the administration or courts. At hand, is a matter of who has convening authority? The legal vote of the people or the elitist bureaucrat? What do you say? Oh, I forgot. Your opinion matters, not!

Am I entitled to my opinion? Are you? Does your vote count? If politically correct, then yes. To be politically correct seems to be unpatriotic and immoral. Of course this is just one man's opinion. How would history have changed if this manner of correctness would have been followed? Think about it. The founding fathers were definitely not of the politically correct crowd. Everything they did was illegal, under the laws of the government of the day. Obviously, if they were politically correct they would have supported the monarchy. Apparently they supported the revolution. This should give you something to think about.

As far as politically correct, I am definitely not a functionary. I am an American citizen, and therefore a citizen sovereign. What is a citizen sovereign? The citizen sovereign is an individual that identifies with the inherent liberties and rights guaranteed through that of a constitution. Now that may not be the affirmed definition, but it is one that I will use. As a citizen sovereign you are the elector, and therefore a guarantor of government seat. The government that you elected has not seen it as your right, but their right. They feel that you are not good enough to see to your own being.

Your rights and liberties are being abated as we speak. You are the guarantor of the election, yet you are not represented in your own right. If you are good enough to elect them, it is free to assume that you are good enough to have a job done right. If this is so, why do you still elect the same individual to office that refused to perform the duties of the elected post. These duties meaning the performance based on their campaign platform.

The political platform is invariably, a promise to the constituent. A promise is supposed to be kept. Now it can be reasoned that some promises cannot be completed as stated, yet the mere attempt is expected. The politician tends to show indifference to the the constituent. Thus, the constituent must fulfill their duties as citizens' sovereign. To take the responsibilities of such serious, one must maintain the very citizenship status. In order to invoke their elitism, they must first dissipate with your citizenship.

It must be understood that these usurpers are out to diminish the sovereignty of the states. By doing this they will handily take to the centralization of powers. A central governing authority to undermine what is left of the several states and their authority. It is time for these state legislatures to set their motions toward a sovereignty, all their own. This is not to be taken as an act of secession. To be sure, a backlash will fall upon me for writing this. It is all I can do to protect and serve my nation, and that of my children.

We cannot allow for the usurping of the obligation to our founding. The founding fathers set forth the documents, by which were inherent rights and responsibilities. These responsibilities must be fulfilled. The accomplishments of our great nation will only endure such matters by re-establishing the Constitution as the primal basis of our liberty.

I will end this subject matter with a statement of, "I regret that I have neglected my responsibilities as Citizen Sovereign, and will from this day forward defend this nation. It is my honor to fulfill this service to the betterment of life for my children."


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