Thursday, November 19, 2009

The People and Their State

It is becoming apparent that the federal government is mandating the dissolution of states' rights. In order for this to take place, certain criteria must be met. First, the minimizing or dissolution of the U.S. Constitution. Second, the deception of the citizenry. Third, the enforcement of such enactment.

As for the Constitution, the process has been set forth by past and present administration policies. These policies, and the use of an ever-increasing “Big Government”, have allowed for the deprivation of constitutional guaranteed sovereignty for the several states. Seemingly, the Tenth Amendment is ignored and tread upon by such administrations. It is clearly defined in the Constitution as an authority of the people.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

A statement of clear concise meaning, “ the people”. It seems as even an attorney could understand this. Well, apparently not. The bureaucracy is legislated by an over-abundant league of such attorneys. To make matters worse, these politicians have staff attorneys. That's right. A legation of attorneys and legal clerks for their office whimsy.

This is exactly the reasoning for a need of Tort Reform. What is Tort Reform? Good question. It cannot be seen as a single issue, but rather a plural of issues. Such reform would allow for laws designated to adjust our current justice system. These laws would set limits to the amount and circumstances of such suits of liability. This is just a quick summation of Tort Reform. With liability reforms in effect, the possibility of lower costs and increased quality of care, could be seen to reform our current healthcare system.

The following is an excerpt from S.1796, a bill sponsored by Senator Max Baucus (MT):

Subtitle H--Sense of the Senate Regarding Medical Malpractice

    It is the sense of the Senate that--

      (1) health care reform presents an opportunity to address issues related to medical malpractice and medical liability insurance;

      (2) States should be encouraged to develop and test alternatives to the existing civil litigation system as a way of improving patient safety, reducing medical errors, encouraging the efficient resolution of disputes, increasing the availability of prompt and fair resolution of disputes, and improving access to liability insurance, while preserving an individual's right to seek redress in court; and

      (3) Congress should consider establishing a State demonstration program to evaluate alternatives to the existing civil litigation system with respect to the resolution of medical malpractice claims.

This Sense of the Senate manages to avoid the whole issue of medical malpractice. It merely uses legal jargon to lure the unknowing citizen. It allows for the ignorant to feel the issue is securely handled and settled. Well, the issue statement of healthcare reform presents the opportunity to address malpractice and liability, only sidelines the true issue of their control platform. Where will it end? It could very well end with the vote on the floor of the Senate.

This vote will be rapidly set into motion. A quick and silent dismissal of the true need for reform, and not with the likes of useless resolutions. Let it be understood, this vote is necessary for the completion of the authoritarian agenda set forth by the quiet majority of those in power.

The question is, “Why not allow for Tort Reform, and not useless matters of expenditure on legislation that will only harm our society?” Why won't the politicians allow us the respect of answers? The answer of them knowing better is not sufficient. They must be made to understand the facts. They work for us, and are accountable to us, in all their actions.

The time is anew for the representative government to oblige us with the performance of their duties. Contact your representatives, and let them know your opinion. That opinion matters. Let them know the people will be heard. If not now, then November 2010 will answer the issues.

The opinion of the people is in affect, the convening authority. Is this one man's opinion, or the fact of the matter? I will leave you to answer the question.


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