Sunday, April 11, 2010

The as to the facts!

The life of a Patriot, so as to the facts, a view from Darrell Dillard's perspective of the patriot movement within the current reckoning of the Republic. Thus being the view of the Citizen Sovereign through one man's opinion.

The origin of the Republic, being that of the thoughts and beliefs of the Founding Fathers. The founders ascertained an inalienable right to liberty. The American citizen dates its beginning to the outcome of these founders. Through the Declaration of Independence, the foundations for the United States of America were set in perpetuity. The citizen became lords' proprietor of their own domain. With this the right of a citizenship of freedom, thus setting the stage for a citizen-represented government. The numbering of the Republic allowed for the most respected and honored bastion of freedom.

The United States of America was born on the 4th of July, 1776; little or nothing is known of the early settlers but that of a few, though there is reason to believe that these settlers were great lovers of faith and liberty. Being desirous of this faith and devotion to freedom and liberty themselves, the representation by such beliefs. It is probable that by way of beginning the political scheme of our current situation, in consequence of the expulsion of our very own Constitution. There is an entire reform of the institutions of the republic, by establishing an authoritarian basis. The people have at this time a largely subservient share in the affairs of the current government.

We the people, have given proof to an inferior government. So that when the positions of government come up for election, the seats of such will be given to the individual by decree of the authority of We the people. Although very able, not all are competent to hold such offices in representation of the people. Amongst these are the incompetent incumbents, who have rendered the founding documents of our nation null and void.

The republic has scarcely held the national status a mere 234 years. Rather young in its comparison to much older nations. In its short history, we have seen the ups and downs of politics. Many times such politics has subdued our fervor for the freedom from which we were founded. The current schizm is only a mere setback as to the future of our great nation.

The duties of the representative offices are far from ordinary. Frequently employed in such duties, corruption tends to be the headline of the day. Hardly a moment is found that corruption does not hinder the progress of the rights and liberties of the Citizen Sovereign. It is time to reform these methods of office. The ony way to do this is the removing incompetence from office. There are many that assume office, and find themselves in their own opinion, in perpetuity. It is time to show them the truth of the matter. As the Patriots showed the truth to the British, we the people, shall use our indefeasible rights to reform the government. To urge them to perform their duties, and not to insist on more pay, we must hold them accountable. As the patriots did to the British, we must end this corruption, with “We the people...”.

In Liberty, We the people...will reform our government.


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