Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just do the right thing!

It was September of last year that a Capitol Hill power broker remarked, “Why do we have to wait for the right to vote? Why can't we get what God has given us? That is the right to live as human beings and not negotiate with white southerners and not count the votes. Just do the right thing.”

Rep. Charles Rangel was quite possibly the most powerful member in Congress. That is as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. For those of you who may not know how important this committee is, think of it as the policy police. Ways and means happens to set policy for Social Security, Welfare, Child Support, Medicare, and Foster Care. These issues among others sets this committee and it's members in prestigious positions. Not to mention the ease of campaign contribution solicitation.

Well, Mr. Rangel most probably took this position for all it was worth, at least as the accusatory coverup of his own ethics violations were concerned. Yet like most criminal activity, the violation will encroach the culprit in due time. However most of us could not make a deal to defer such penalties. Even though no deal has been brokered as of yet, he is still in light of elitist politics. The insiders are safe among their own, and therefore need to be scrutinized by the citizenry.

The duopoly have shown light to the partisan politics in play. The Republicans are saying the time for deal-making is done, while the Democrats are standing firm in protection of their campaigns in the mid-terms coming this November. In truth it is all but for the people, and setting stage for the campaign trail.

The truth needs to be heard, and the only way to hear it is through public hearings. Not just a Congressional investigation, but that of a public trial. These ethics violations are a crime against the citizenry. He took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Therefore, any crimes committed are crimes against the very human beings that elected him to office.

The so-called ethics violations are nothing more than criminal acts. As such they should be brought to trial as fraud and embezzlement. Some say this might be harsh. As for myself, he is a criminal and has no more special privilege than of the citizen-elector.

Lets take a look at these violations. First, the infamous tax evasion. He failed to account for rental properties in a foreign country. Thus failing to pay taxes. Keep in mind the House of Representatives sets policy for taxation, its rules and regulations. Therefore they set the limitations on penalties and such.

Second, the illicit use of his public office to secure funding for a public policy institute. He is accused of securing such funding by the use of official letterhead to solicit such funds. A definite ethics violation, wouldn't you say?

Third, use of public office and committee chairmanship to secure illicit campaign contributions. Enough said?

The above mentioned violations are just a mere point of resolve. In all there are thirteen ethics violations brought to light as House members prepare the stage for a probable long trial. That is if backroom politics doesn't allow for such as to that of get out of jail free card. He could possibly walk away untarnished except for his pride.

All in all, one could say that the average citizen would be prosecuted for such criminal activity. At least a elitist rebuke from a member of the government. It seems they see us as mere servants and peons, while their careered and money-burdened peers partake of the spoils of elected position.

I see it as nothing more than a crime of circumstance, and as a crime nonetheless. Why should we allow for a sitting public servant maneuver his way through the system via the connection to the elitist peers of government and money? Where is the outrage? If that were you, or I, the media would have us convicted before the trial could be scheduled. Where are the so-called defenders of the Constitution?

We elected them, yet they hold themselves beyond reproach. A violation of the public trust should be carried to light as to that of a high crime. A crime against the Constitution, the establishment of government, and therefore a crime against the citizen sovereign.

We the people will be heard. Allowance for backroom deals and compromises will not be tolerated. It is time to hold these, and all individuals, accountable and responsible. That is the problem with all levels of government. No accountability and responsibility for their actions. Oh, we are just as guilty as they are. When have we held ourselves accountable, or even responsible?

“Mr. Rangel, I ask of you to do the right thing. As you have been quoted as saying this in explanation of another matter.”

In closing, I am going to ask that every American voice their reaction. Let your voice be heard, far and wide. Don't allow the Capitol Hill switchboard to remain silent. The days technology allows for any number of communications that can be used to support redress of grievance.

One Man's Opinion! The views mentioned are just that, opinion. As for the right of opinion, I will leave you to the First Amendment.

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