Sunday, October 17, 2010

One of the party, or a party of one?

To some there is no obvious answer to the midterm election dilemma. Who is the better of those campaigners? Why should I vote for one over the other? Is there an end to this madness?

There is no true given for any of these questions. The best advice that one might receive is to vote the issues and not the party line. Do your research. In this day and age, information is at the fingertips. In moments a mere statement can be verified and/or denied.

Yet even in the age of multimedia, there are those who believe all that is said towards them. This same individual wants to blame those elected for all that happens, or perhaps does not. The true blame can be squarely placed upon these misinformed voters. Yes, you. We, the citizen, are wholly responsible for the established usurpation of the Constitution, and the rights founded therein.

It can be easily seen how one might take our rights and privileges for granted. As I see it, in order to truly take advantage of something there has to be a founding understanding of such. It is a shame that most citizens are lacking in the foundational meaning of these privileges.

Election day is just around the bend, and your independence is at hand. The representative body-elect will set the motion of things to be. These motions will endeavor to set the key for future generations. Every vote, no matter how it is slated, will effect generations to come. So, that vote that you might slate should be in consideration of the future. Our children, and their children should be in thought while the vote is considered.

How will you vote? Or, even more important are you going to? Are you willing to lose one right or privilege for that of another? The individual that gets your vote might raise your taxes, or possibly lower the same. Are you going to vote for the incumbent that allowed for such atrocities against the nation's foundings? Or, will you elect a representative who will make the proper change. This change can only occur with the proper vote to bring about the rebirth of tradition. This tradition is the achievement of the American way.

There will be those that want you to believe that tradition is bad. Well, in some cases it might be. In general tradition is a good thing. Examples of this tradition might be the Pledge of Allegiance, or perhaps the religious freedoms of the founders. Now, let me set my explanation of the aforementioned freedoms. This nation was founded upon Christian ideals and the free will to ascertain these religious freedoms.

Yes, I am Christian. This does not mean that I have set judgement upon any other religion or denomination. It is just my not believing they might do. We are in a nation that has set upon an indifference to religion, and allows for the secure practice thereof.

One might ask what this has to do with the election. It's like this. The belief system of one might lead upon their decision on matters of political leanings. That is what America is all about, right. My beliefs lead my political decsions and so does does yours. It doesn't matter, as long as you vote for your beliefs, and not that of another.

It is your vote and that cannot be taken from you. After every election cycle you hear complaints of how they stole the election, or they took someones vote. The answer is, "NO". Your vote has to be given, and that is what you do.

The matter of elections is a personal and private matter. Your vote is yours to do with as you please. So, use it wisely and vote your needs and wants. There are lobbyists from far and wide that campaign for certain individuals, and they care not for others of different opinion. The only concern of any lobbyist is that within their voting district, and not from another. Your vote is for you, yours, and your community. As is easily understood, your vote matters not anywhere else but in that of your own district.

There is not a day that I am not approached by someone asking me of my opinion on a candidate from another state or district, and I have to say, "I don't care, though I do have opinion on matters relating to my views."

I am not uncaring or indifferent, I am just being sensible. It is my concern that I should be able to have a true representative of my beliefs and values. As you should as well. So vote your mind, it is your right and privilege. Don't let it go to waste.

Don't vote yes. Use the vote of "NO" to show your support. Slate against the anti-you vote. It is normal for a person to vote for one like themselves who might understand them and theirs.

Besides why would you vote for someone who has no idea of your plight. An example would be the attendance of a debate of vying candidates. As you observe the candidates, you might ask yourself of the attire in their dress. If you are wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, why would you want that candidate telling you that he or she understands you when they are wearing a $10,000 suit. The same would be if you were wearing that $10, 000 suit, why would you expect the candidate wearing blue jeans and t-shirt to understand you.

Most of the time all the reasoning needed is to compare the candidate to yourself. What does that individual represent to you? Have they ever had to scrimp by, payday to payday. Or, perhaps the need to make payroll? The answer is for you to decide, and I am not going to tell you how to slate your vote. Just vote your conscience.

As you are waiting to cast the ballot ask yourself just one question. Are you one of the party? Or, are you a party of one? It is your decision, and your childrens' future. We cannot be afraid to say, "NO".

Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns. Allowing for the defense of our rights and privileges I am closing with the moniker, "REFORM, REFORM, REFORM!"

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