Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Cost & Harm"

Warning should be rendered in the “Cap & Trade” bill. In consideration of the long running costs to the consumer, this enactment will only be one of ‘Corporate Welfare’. All in all, an increase in corporate wealth, and decrease in consumer living standard.

The facade that the bill sets into motion, only increases energy taxes on the concumer. Along with the unspoken job loss, decrease in income, the summation can only be one conclusion: “BIG GOVERNMENT”. Yet the sponsors of such bill only state the enactment is the only way to bring us to a ’solution’ to the climate problem. At the current reading of the bill, I can only conclude that it would be crippling to our economy, and bring down the venture of investment.

The above mentioned, (Waxman-Markey Act) will put in motion an ever-enduring impact of downturn. The GDP would decrease to an unheard of status. The already, troubled job market would decrease even more than current statistics. The ballooning of electricity and gasoline prices will become set at an all-time high. The overall energy cost for an average family would be increased dramatically. This added to the increase in the national debt, woul only cause ever-increasing inflation.

All of this to cut ‘greenhouse gases’. It is not even known, with which the impact of this project could even work. The use of pollution permits, (allowances for the corporations), the offset with which would set an upturn in the taxes on fossil fuels, and the energy, therefrom.

The impacted intent of the bill can only be determined to be forced choice on the economy, and less efficient, along with more expenditure. The intended mandates can only hamper the cost effectiveness of the likely aspects of such usage. This being said the corporations can use wealth and prestige to purchase these permits, aditionally from other sources, both foreign and domestic. The sources not using all the alloted permits, or credits, can then trade or sell the options to the other sources. So, where is this going to help, when the corporations can still use the same amount as at present.

The very proponent of this energy bill, President Obama pointed out, cap and trade can work only when energy prices “skyrocket.” To force consumer-energy cutbacks, the prices need to rise to painful levels. The impact of Waxman-Markey on the next generation of families is thousands of dollars per year in higher energy costs, additional federal debt (even moreso than already inflated indebtedness scheduled), a economy on the downside, and an everincreasingrate of unemployment. Yet the measures of this project aren’t even assured of a more acquired climate and temperature.

I am no analyst, or scientist, and I can can pretty much see that this is only an overt act of the ’socialization’ of our great nation. What do you think?


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