Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Confirmation of Negated Rights!"

With the ‘Sotomayor’ confirmation hearing scheduled to begin tomorrow, the thought of whole process is irking. The confirmation is supposed to be that of proven recognition. Sotomayor has been swooning the liberals on the hill. Supposedly she has been trying to show her judicial precedence, as that of a proper standing of law.

All in all, to show herself as being impartial to any matter at hand, for judicial pervue. With her liberal agenda of setting policy, instead of legating the legal procedures, we can only imagine what use she can be to the current socialistic administration. She has shown leftist views, along with racist and sexist precedences in her judicial bench.

She is all but assured of the seat as the next justice of the Supreme Court. The current holdings of power, being vested in liberal Democrats, only leaves us as captive to their whims of socialism. Becoming slaves to the system that was put into place to protect our founding rights. These rights, being granted through the US Constitution, set in an accord of fellow citizens.

Her leftist views will degrade the current state of affairs, and give more usurped authority to the non-constitutional regime. Thus, leaving us to wonder what will happen next. Our rights, being virtually dissolved, and the indebtedness, and furthergoing of the current economy.

The economy directly affects the citizenry in all facets of our daily lives, both corporate and personal. With a downturn in the everyday affairs of such matters, and the pervue of the court, the loss of any and all liberties will be only inevitable. The courts already have a history of negating our inherent rights, and can be seen not to end anytime in the near future.

This being stated, we must put our everendearing rights to use (while they are still intact), and contact our senators and representatives. The state legislatures can make a varying degree of mandates and recalls towards the usurping authority of the standing government (federal). In fact, it is important that each and everyone of us make contact with as many officials, as possible.

I have listed a contact link for federal government officials here.

As for those of Indiana, along with other states and territories, click here.


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