Monday, July 13, 2009

"Criminal, or Negligent?"

As the day comes to a close, I am overwhelmed with the issue of US Attorney General Eric Holder, and his endeavor to investigate, and possibly, prosecute those of opposing views. These views being that of the Obama opponents, and the staffs thereof. Possibly, even former President George W. Bush, and his cohorts.

There are pros and cons to the whole idea. The possibilities are endless, to say. With the accusations and socializing of the government, and the nation, thereby. The country is in harms way of being set asunder from within its own legislation. On the one hand, if prosecutions are convened and acted upon, then old corruption can be halted, while fresh, socialized schemes take its place.

While looking in the other hand, an authoritarian vacuum will become the convening authority. This meaning, the cause and effect would allow for a possible executive reasoning of martial activities, such as martial law and dictatorship. The points all seem to an aim of totalitarian rule. What do you think?

It has also come to thought, that I have become to deep in thought on this matter. Is the current administration actually inherent of such condemnation? It could very well be a matter to draw attention away from the actual agenda of the day. More than likely, it is a ploy to have such individuals bringing to light these causes that will never come to be. There will be no prosecutions, for the leaders, of today will not want scrutiny in their dealings.

All of this to light, I see the true culprit. The press. These media conglomerates have become the propoganda machine, by which Obama was elected, and legislation, brought forward. Propoganda of varying degrees have set into motion, an immediate dissemination of our rights, and liberties.

In final thought, criminalizing will bring about the total loss of our rights and liberties. This along with unlawful taxation, and coerced disbursement of wealth, can only define a future of prisoners of an erratic, untrusting regime.

It is all just thought. What are your thoughts? Am I on track, or just out there?""REFORM, REFORM, REFORM!"

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