Friday, July 17, 2009

"The Liberty Accord"



In accord with the Libertarian Party and Citizens’ Sovereign:

Set in trust, the promissory set forth in the following accord, shall restore the foundations of the United States Constitution, along with the States’ Sovereign constitutions, to the original inherent authority of the people. Thus being a promise to renew the authority of such citizens’ and the inherent rights and liberties.

In redress, the nation (citizens’), should be allowed due representation in the process of their elected government, and final authority shall lay in the representation of such rights, granted through ’The Peoples’ constitution. To allow for proper representation, reform must be made in all aspects of government, and the office holders, thereof.

This accord will lay out the reforms needed, and the timeline of such. Thus allowing for true representative government, “…of the people, for the people, by the people…“, and setting in motion the process of such.


Immediately cease all expenditure, until a balanced budget can be set

Reduce/Resolve the national debt

Restore all original rights and liberties, granted by the Constitution

Cease all subsidies/welfare for corporations, persons, and political parties, etc…

Restore government accountability

Restore States sovereignty, that granted by the Constitution 10th Amendment

Enforce Immigration

Repeal Income Tax

Allow for the privatization of the Social Security Act

Restore a full and unvoiced National Defense

Therefore, all office holders will be brought to accountability of bill expenditures, and the cause for the increased deficit, and its effects on such. This will be in mutual contract with the citizens’ sovereign, and their call for reform.

Thus, we lay our hand to affirm such binding accord.

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