Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"No. 13, can't or won't..."

Rep. John 'No. 13' Conyers (Dem. Michigan 14th District) has of late, proven my theory of the idiocracy of our elected bureacrats. "Why bother to read the bill?", he said. Although he made a point by stating his reasoning, "...two days, two lawyers, and 1,000 pages...".

I can answer his question, "why read the bill...". Just vote it down, or call for tabling the matter, until futher assessment, can be ascertained. The objective of these legislators, is to set understandable, and law abiding legislation. It is totally obvious that the current legislators can't, or won't perform the duties of the tasks set forth.

Mr. Conyers is a perfect example of why term limitation is a good cause. He has been elected 22 times (to the best of my knowledge). To put that in retrospect, he is currently the second-longest serving incumbent member of the House (John Dingell, being first), and fifth for incumbent member of the entire congress, by length of service. The others ahead of him in seniority are Robert Byrd, John Dingell, Ted Kennedy, and Daniel Inouye. Then to just fling a little trash, he is married to Monica Conyers, former President Pro-Tempore of the Detroit City Council, and who also is undergoing an FBI investigation into political corruption, and has plead guilty of conspiracy to commit bribery.

He was also number 13, on President Richard Nixon's 'Enemies List'. With his vote, he set forward the Articles of Impeachment for Nixon. All of this with the lack of knowledge that he himself would become part of the same established corruption of Capitol Hill. Insiders, such as this, are the degrading factor for the socializing of our national affairs.

In answer to his question, I say, "READ it! That is what you are paid to do. The salary you make, should allow for the menial task of having knowledge of what you align your name with. When i was growing up, it was always said that you should be proud of anything, you lay name (signature) upon. So, 'DO' your job, or 2010 will be your answer."


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