Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Taxpayer's Burden"

Taxpayers are faced with an ever-increasing burden to pay for healthcare, under the current bills, on Capitol Hill. Quality healthcare and a safe measure for catastrophic injury is the course for insurance plans. The cost will become more of a burden if these bills (Healthcare Reform Act) are set into enactment. The costs make for an awareness for a more cost-efficient measure to make these plans ascertainable.

Our economy is somewhat directly effected by healthcare and the costs to endure such measures. Any legislation, of the sorts currently in place, would only cause an abundant increase in healthcare costs, and subsidies. If this legislation is enacted, we can only set into motion an undeniable decline of the “AMERICAN WAY” of life, as we know, and enjoy.

There are other ways to deter excessive costs in these measures. We must keep government out of our healthcare. The bureaucratic, “two-party” system, would only drive the costs up and deter the expectations of the consumers (citizens). These bills only burden the economy with more subsidized welfare, with the increasing 40+ million people, to the already over-burdened Medicare/Medicaid system.

The taxpeyer is already paying outlandish tax burdens, and should not have to endure any excesses in any manner. The proposed programs will be setting store for more taxation. The matter of fact, is that the bill comes up with numbers, unaccountable in the figures, to show for the increases in spending on programs, such as that of Medicaid. With this inflation, the medical realm would approximate 6 percent. This spending can’t account for the spending of such plan.

The bills in both houses will supposedly keep healthcare costs at an affordable rate. Let’s see, the House: $4600-$6000 (2014-2019); the Senate: $4700-$6100 (2014-2019). With both of these numbers, comes the idea of such, being that those on private plan probably will not be eligible for subsidy, while those in higher income brackets, in the government program would receive subsidies for such coverage plan.

Get used to the term QHBP. What is this term, you might ask? Well, let me explain, it is terminology meaning Qualified Health Benefit Plan. This plan is another form of ‘BIG’ government, slating for the ever-changing standards of required benefits in privatized healthcare. With this government control, is the opportunity for the current administration (Obama) to appoint the Commisioner (overall authority of healthcare organization). This ‘Commissioner’ would have a set authority to regulate States’ actions towards such plan (Page 87 (13-23), (d) TREATMENT OF STATE BENEFIT MANDATES.. Thus setting into motion the demise of the State, as we know it.


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