Sunday, August 2, 2009

“A Fool’s Plan…dimes for dollars!”

The current administration has finally admitted that Obama's plan for socialized healthcare could very well attribute higher taxation to curb the ever-growing deficit. All of which can be attributed to his inefficient running of government. Not being totally his doing, he was also assisted by the House and Senate. So, this being said, the middle-class will have even less money in their pockets. Sunday, Treasury Secretary Geithner made statements as to he, not being able to rule out higher taxes.

The White House have sighted the blame for such deficit and ever-increasing costs on the preceding administration, while unwilling to take the credit they duly deserve. Unemployment being at an all-time high, benefits are being extended. All they (Greenspan) can say is, the end of the recession is at hand. The White House still tenders a high stance towards the earlier stimulus, in order to secure the faith of the wary citizenry.

It has been suspected all along that the administration would, at some point begin increasing the tax rate for the individual. Obama staff members have repeatedly avoided the issues of higher taxation, or have right out lied to us about this intention. The truth: Obama has set the agenda to tax us into poverty. That is the only obvious reasoning for the actions of his propagandized agenda to bring us evermore to ‘socialism’. The administration’s National Economic Council Director Larry Summers stated, “…There is a lot that can happen over time, it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what.” These people actually believe that we are blundering idiots. There is no other answer.

I do believe we were not supposed to see an increase in our taxes. Or at least that is what was said during his campaign. Well, shame on us, for he fooled the majority. Thankfully, I was not of the majority. He stated, “…not one single dime…”, he was telling the truth, for he knew the taxes were going to be dollars, and lots of them. How else are we to be allowed to pay for this healthcare plan.

This deficit is going to destroy us as a nation. At the current rate, our children’s family will not even be able to see a closure to the deficit, for it will take generations to cover this ever-expanding allotment of debt. There will be no growth in our economy, as long as this ‘socialist regime’ is allowed to usurp the faith of such growth. We have a chance to cease the deficit spending and begin on a path to growth. This chance is to use the age-old GOTV (Get Out The Vote) in 2010. Use the mail system, make phone calls, email, regardless of how it happens, we have to let these usurpers (government) know that we will not stand for this digression in our rights and liberties. They need to know that they work for us, and as our employee, they must fulfill their elected duties, and will be held accountable.

Obama still tries his rhetoric to elude the facts of the matter. He gives warning of instant turnarounds and says that such matters need to be taken with caution. Heed my warning, this man is not as he seems, and if allowed to continue, we will see nothing but ‘taxation without equal representation’. The current path of the plan is not a beneficial recourse.

We have to reform the current standings of government, and the time is, ‘NOW’. 2010 is just around the bend, and we can make ‘Hope & Change’ become a reality; not Obama’s (false) hope & change. Obama’s true agenda is “Tax & Seize!”


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