Saturday, August 8, 2009

“The Demise of Liberty!”

The issues of the day have given cause for discord. The President and his cohorts have begun a plan of total, and utter, destruction of our way of life. The ‘autocratic’ agenda, put in place by the administration, is trying to place, in servitude, our lives, to an ever-increasing politburo-like atmosphere.

With the ability of abating such actions, being still at hand, we must stand and take a position of of our constitutional rights of defense, of such Constitution. Our founding rights of liberty are being eroded, by the ‘autocratic’, non-elected czardom. These czars, being appointed by Obama, are an element of unbalanced authority. Thus, answering only to Obama, himself.

Why hasn’t Congress addressed this matter, or are they part of the take-over. It is of a highly likely chance that they are no more unaware of the situation in Washington, DC. So, this being said, they are part of the problem. The proof to the matter, is the current matter of the ‘Townhall’ meetings, being thwarted by all the same.

Though the Democrats are to blame for the current fiascos, the blame can also be layed to the Republicans. The current “two-party” system is a totally unchecked balance of our government system. The current parties overlook and abuse the rights of the constituent by not allowing for opinion, and debate on matters of citizens’ rights.

This being said, we cannot overlook that of the state assemblies. For they can set forward a motion of ratification by the states rights. The states can set in motion a recourse by which our guarantees of liberty are protected, and indefeasible. The assemblies need to call for an all-encompassed explanation, as to the unconstitutional actions of the federal government.

The mentioned, state assemblies have to act in organization, with each other to form an action of such magnitude. It cannot be an action of one state, but all states to recognize their constitution-granted rights. These rights were granted, and allowed for reasons such as this. The demise of our rights cannot be permitted.

Although my terminology, and exacting of states rights, may not be established in legal status, but in constitutional principle, the rights thus become fully inherent. We must set to a campaign of contacting representatives of the elected offices (i.e. President, Senate, House, Governor, State Assemblies), and let them know that you will not allow for the government’s balances to go unchecked, and expect them to perform their duties.

The above mentioned statements are the direct “Op-Ed” of Darrell Dillard. All fully based on the legal standing of ‘1st Amendment’ rights of free speech. Thus, the encroachment of such rights are deemed illegal, and of standing, that no intercessions will be allowed for such encroachment by any government, czar, or otherwise.


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