Monday, August 10, 2009

“Political Terrorist, or Patriot?”

The constituents of the 9th Congressional District of Indiana, have finally found the truth in the measures of their elected representative. For Rep. Baron Hill (Dem), has shown his thoughts on the matter of healthcare legislation, and the opinions of his constituents. Being an Elitist, he finds that his knowledge, far over-rides that of mere mortals.

As he stated, “…the war’s on…”. The only war he has seen is deciding what tux to wear to the ‘Elitist’ ball. As for his thoughts on healthcare reform,  “I’m trying to control the event, What I don’t want to do is create an opportunity for the people who are political terrorists to blow up the meeting and not try to answer thoughtful questions.” If you oppose him, then you are a terrorist.

He, as well as others in Congress, need to straighten their attitude towards the constituents. For it is the same constituents, that will be the deciding matter in 2010, not to mention 2012. The arrogance of the current holder’s of office, need to lend an ear to those in opinion of any matter that is brought forth, by citizens. These bureaucrats (Dem & Rep), have avoided the voices, set forth by their electors. It is our Constitution-granted right to ask questions, and inquire of our elected officials.

“Mr. Hill”, I say to you, “Vote as we decide, or we will decide for you, come 2010.”

It is our duty to keep the elected officials in check. They must be taught that we will have our say. Ours is the deciding voice. Baron Hill has let us see his true direction. He is a party-man, and that is all he knows. As with other politicians, he has the indignant attitude towards our rights and liberties. To him these are priveleges, granted by him, and thus for him to rescind.

Once again, we see our rights being set aside by the sitting administration, and the cohorts of Congress. The State Assembly, not being much better, hasn’t made any intent on the issue. Where is our representative government? Why did we hold an election? Why are we, not being heard?

The answer, “Our civil liberties are being thwarted, and the open declaration that any opinion, being seen as that of traitor.” Are you a traitor? Are you a terrorist? Being branded as this is nothing less that defamation of character and constitutional rights. If we were to defame ‘Mr. Hill’, he would be crying exhortation to the matter at hand. He is a citizen as we are, yet he has the arrogance of believing he is better than his own electors.

Baron Hill is in our employment, and being thus, he must be corrected on his attitude. Contact his office(s). Don’t be surprised, if you can’t get through, the phone lines have a selective timing of not allowing calls to get through. Keep trying. He must understand our voice.

Jeffersonville Office
(812) 288-3999
1-866-440-1321 (toll free)

Bloomington Office

Washington Office


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