Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time for change.

The Indiana General Assembly has done it again. Because of their inaction we have become stagnant in education, among others. The special session has been in since May, and they have accomplished nothing more than to drain our pockets. While their pockets have become laden with this same money.

Let’s look at this matter from an employer/employee point of view. If I have a job, and do not perform my duties as hired to do, I would be reprimanded and/or terminated. Along with that thought, how about having a job where you made up the rules as you went along, and the amount of compensation. Well, folks, that is what they are getting away with. It is time to let them know, who the boss is.

Indiana is in dire need of reform. The question is, “How do we reform?”. Well, that is a good question. Let me give you the answer. First, and foremost, dispose of the non-performers. Now, who is the non-performer? That is easy, the legislators in Indianapolis. Second, how to do it? How about taking their jobs away during the 2010 elections. Think about it.

With our vote, we can change anything. Just set the minds towards the inner workings of all of our problems (legislators). If they can’t/won’t perform, then release them from the current obligation. Put someone in that will do as the constituents’ will. Who is that someone? Good question.

The real question is, what do you want? Minimal taxation? Interest in education? Personal liberties? Free trade? There are many views and opinions. So, why not vote for the one that befits you. Ask questions. State your opinions, and wants, along with your needs. Then let the candidate prove their worthiness, to be employed by you.

The current two-party system has afronted our constitutional prerogative. They seem to see themselves as elitists, and thus being better than those that granted them privelege of office. Yet, confronted with such wording, they are appauled at the idea that you, the citizen, might consider yourself equal. It is their ideology that you are here to serve their beckoning.

Another aspect that has an allure is the term limitation of all public servants. Why is it that Indian law states for a governor to not serve more than 8 years in a 12 year period. Yet the legislators can partake of the office for an indetermined period. It sounds like they want to usurp the authority from anyone, whom might have a chance at putting a halt to their discerning of the constitution of both the federal and state.

All I can say is, “REFORM, REFORM, REFORM!”.

Remember the vote in 2010. That being said, I am currently exploring my options of being a candidate for the 70th District.

Darrell Dillard for Indiana State Representative in 2010. Thank you.

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