Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Who are they?"

That is my question of the day. These concerns are for the people of Honduras. What gives the leaders of one country (Obama, Chavez, Castro, & Ortega), the authority to override the constitutional rights of a sovereign nation (Honduras).

The Honduran military, under authority of their lawful constitution, relinquished President Manuel Zelaya of his duties as such president. The very constitution that allowed for the election of Zelaya, also allowed for his ousting. This being such, the Honduran people, and the presiding government, don't have any concerns over the ousting, which was legally performed. So, why the uproar?

My answer to that is this. All the opposing nations happen to be those of socialist agenda leaderships (Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, & United States). All of these mentioned nations are currently in the process of dissolving the rights of the constitutions of said nations.

It is time to stand for all to stand up and protect your rights, and constitution. We cannot allow for our government to defame our constitutional integrity, belittling a nation, with sovereignty it's own. If we allow them to force the views of their socialist agenda, all will be lost for us as well. It would only be a matter of time before these same views would become our reality. This being said, write and call your senators, representatives, , and President, and let it be known that we will not stand for the devaluation of our constitutional rights, and those of concerned sovereign nations.

I say, "God bless you, Honduras". Let freedom ring.

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