Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“Cradle of Liberty”

History repeats itself as Massachussetts, once again shows itself as the “Cradle of Liberty”. Who could have known that such a mandate could be made of a special election. The two candidates are campaigning in a supposedly Democrat stronghold.

The special election was called in session for the filling of vacant Senate seat, seemingly held solely by the Kennedy namesake. The Late Senator Edward Kennedy had officiated the post, succeeding his brother John Kennedy. The seat has come to be known as “Kennedy's Seat”. To denounce the naming of the seat as such, Scott Brown stated, “...it is the people's seat...”. Yet, the Democrat Martha Coakley used the labor unions and the Kennedy name to usher in the continued vote as a Democrat-held seat.

Damage has been done to the Democrats' healthcare agenda, no matter the results. A loss would result in a possible 41 seat guaranteed filibuster of such agenda. With a win, a Democrat vote could be guaranteed as filibuster-proof. No matter the results, it has set a mandated warning of the people's authority.

Coakley, had shown a landslide victory in her election as Attorney General. Yet, she has seen a drastic slide in opinion polls. She had begun with a 40 point lead, and now is showing as ten points behind Scott Brown. The Republican Brown, a state senator, has shown a magnanimous campaign of anti-socialist banter. Obviously, the banter shows light of a national campaign rather than that of a state.

President Obama's healthcare will definitely be dealt a blow. This being so, by the issue of the special election will cause dissension among more moderate Blue-dog Democrats. The rumor of the “Nuclear Option” vote being set in the case of a Coakley loss, can only send a message of disregard for the authority of the people. This being a fact of the matter, the Blue-dog's should take to heart this message and call on a halt any such “Nuclear Option”.

The vote must be delayed. The democratic process would be shunned by such an act. Thus the vote by the Senate could seen as an usurping of the people's right to proper representation. A vote of “Aye”, will surely show disrespect to the office. The democratic process of our elections act as a direct voice of the people. Therefore, making them the electors.

To the people of Massachussetts, I bid thee a proud “Thank You”. You have shown as a direct representation of the American way. Americana at it's best.

In a word from the Partisan Hoosier...


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