Thursday, January 14, 2010

Question With Authority!

With the lack of representation in our government, one must wonder of its usefulness. Government, meaning that of all levels. It cannot be seen as representative at all. Just try to contact your local representative. Trying this will only bring an impersonal voicemail, or the impromptu template email.

Regardless of the question, it will always remain unanswered. They will maintain that you, the constituent, have no valid reason to question their position. In this, they will set motion toward the usurping your constitutional rights.

These rights are considered as “negative rights”. Just ask your representative. The Constitution is seen as a limit to your rights, and not that of government. Thus, we receive such banter as, “...don't tell me how to run my office...”. As was the egotistical speech of one, Baron Hill.

The examples of ineptness can be seen on an inept level. As with the partisan affairs of our elected officials. The biased views of Senator Reid, on one Barack Obama. “Oh, was I not supposed to say that?” After all, he did apologize. That should make it all better. Who could forget the Baucus affair, and the legal position that followed. “Did I just say that?”

One question? Where are these allowable excuses, when exhibited by other anonymous members of our esteemed government? With this, I am reminded of the anonymous members in a most recent time. Can we see the aforementioned reciprocation of the duopoly?

It seems that there is a universal answer to this question. What do you think? Is it really a duopoly? The actions of each seem to come to a common end. Sure, they ploy the tactics of finger-pointing. One plying off the actions of the other, yet blaming the other. The answer can only be seen as the gain of authority.

They know that the true authority is inherently belonging to you, the constituent. Think about it. They hold their position, because you vote them in. With this the opportunity to vote them out. Yet, they show a blind eye to the thoughts of the public.

Universal seems to be the key. It is used quite frequently by these same individuals. Let's see some examples. Can anyone remember the facade of universal healthcare, or that of universal registration. “I did it again. Oh well, it is out now.” That's right, universal registration. What is this, you may ask? Well, to make it short and understandable, the idea of automatic voter registration. Does that not reek of universal suffrage, to the extreme?

With this being said, what is your opinion? It is one thing to have the right, yet quite another to have it forced upon you. Some might argue that this registration might be a good idea. Let me just go a step further. This registration will be given to all residents of a certain age. Yes, that's right, I said residents and not citizens. This can only bring about fraud and abuse. We all know where that can lead us.

Anyway, it is just a thought of the Partisan Hoosier. The answer is for you to decide. I do believe it is still legal to have personal, self-preserving thought. Or, is it?

It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

--Benjamin Franklin--


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