Friday, May 28, 2010

Privilege and its obligations...

The voice of the citizen no longer matters in the context of government. Point in fact would be the statement of by Obama on his taking the responsibility of the Gulf oil spill fiasco. We should be so proud that our “representative” leader has finally accepted this responsibility after only five weeks. His taking of such must assuredly mean that he wants the claim, “...plug the hole...” to be that of credit for the work of others.

This man must be lacking in the acceptance that as a representative of the people, he alone is responsible for all reckonings of circumstance. As with Presidents' past and present, they are in affect the means to an end. Is it so hard for this man to comprehend the position, which he holds chair. The matters of state are not mere games of fantasy. The post of President of the United States is a privilege that is beholding to a select few.

The berating of the American way and the people by, and for which this glorious republic was founded, will not be tolerated. It is time for this man to stand strong on the ways of American tradition. It is not his duty to change all that displeases his desire. His duty is to defend and uphold the Constitution and all that derives from such.

Let me bring forth the matter of prescribed duties of the President of the United States. Maybe the office holder might want to read up on his obligations via Article II, Section 2, of the US Constitution.

Expressed Powers (meaning derived authority from that of citizens to the President):
-as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces
-the power to grant reprieves and pardons
-the power to make treaties (Senate concurrence)
-appoint Ambassadors, Supreme Court Justices, and other Officers of government
-appoint vacancies that occur during Senate recess
-receive Ambassadors and public Ministers
-care that all laws are faithfully executed
-recommend to Congress measures of consideration (proposing a bill)
-approve or veto every Congressional bill

I may not be a constitutional scholar, yet I am a citizen with the power of opinion. This being said, I would like to make public my displeasure with the President and his deriding of all that oppose his policies. As far as policies are concerned, they are totally out line with the duties of his office, in accordance with the above mentioned article. Take note of “ that all laws are faithfully executed...”. Where does it say that he is to change all facets of our lives?

I am quite sure that the BP executives are quite knowledgeable in their responsibilities and obligations in regards to the Gulf oil spill. I am not granting them a pass on the matter, but referring to the showboating speech of our dear President. Why did he have to make a point of stating that he is in charge and totally responsible for any and all occurrences dealing with the BP fiasco. I can't help but to think that they are finally succeeding in their goal of stopping the leak and he (Obama) is afraid he will not get credit for this great matter. I am also sure that the executives at BP know that they are responsible for the cost of clean-up and not to mention, the federal and state fines. That is not even considering the damages accosted in civil court.

My concern for our dear President is that he should perform his own duties before he tells others how to do theirs. Some might say that I am telling others how to do their job, yet I am constitutionally allowed to redress my grievances of my government. Yes, I mean reform. The privilege of the office gives heed to the measure of accountability to the citizen, and not the other way. It is time that our representatives give reverence to the convening authority of the citizen.

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