Thursday, June 3, 2010

Common Sense...As America Was!

It has been my objective to identify the young Americans with the political and economic situations of the day. As a parent, I have tried to teach my children to be independent. This independence is the basis for the foundation of our great nation. The ideas of responsibility and accountability are the very basis of common sense.

My oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year, and I cannot take any credit for her good graces. She works hard and studies just the same. In return, she is responsible for her own well-being. That is with the watchful eyes of family and friends. Today, she wrote a book report on Glenn Beck’s Common Sense.

Keep in mind that the report was solely her presentation of what she has read. We don’t have to agree or disagree. So, here goes.

As Obama rode the coat-tails to his Presidency, Glenn Lee Beck became one of the twenty-first centuries most important commentators. Born in February of 1964, Beck’s parents knew he was meant to be on the radio from and early age. After losing his mother in drowning accident at age Thirteen he received his first big break on the radio. After Alcoholism had consumed his marriage, Beck was divorced in 1990. After losing almost everything he had worked for Beck had been accepted to Yale University as a Theology Major. Only lasting just one short semester, Beck let Senator Joe Lieberman down by dropping out of college. Beck returned to the radio life and soon became a “voice of the future”. Acting as a Conservative Voice, Glenn Beck has drawn much attention to our world as we know it. He has never been afraid to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as his fans will put it. In 2006 Beck had landed himself a position on Prime time television. CNN as the Prime Newscaster. By 2008, Glenn Beck had more “followers” falling second only to none other than Nancy Grace. In today’s world, Glenn Beck is best known for his outspokenness, some would even venture to call him a radical.

Common Sense touches only many important aspects of our economy today. The corruption of money management, Lies that slip off of Politicians lips like turpentine, Why the younger generations should be fearing their futures, not waving if off as a passive process. All of these are brought to the surface throughout the book. I find it very helpful that not only have the issues been brought to the surface, but multiple opinions have been offered as well. The valid point of Ignorance is one of the main points that was spoken about in the Book. Many will try to pinpoint what is wrong with “our nation” today, but will no even attempt to offer opinions about how it should be fixed. The name of the game is COMMON SENSE, but as American’s we are not putting ours to use. The opinions honored in this book are, I’m sure, opinions of many American’s. Opinions of those whom are scared to speak about them, bring them up at the dinner table, but the question remains, Why are the not brought up at Social Outings, Family Dinners, etc… Common Sense is littered with questions such as this, but the question never goes unanswered.

Many of the main Characters of the book are many faces we see on the news daily. For example, Former Governor Sarah Palin, is founder of the Sarah Pac. A Political Action Committee that she has become very compassionate about. However, many American’s find false actions in her words. In 2009 Mrs. Palin declared that Congress was “going green”, but failed to admit that every year Congress burns millions of tons of coal, oil, and other “un-green” products. As founder of her own personal Political Action Committee she has left many questions unanswered. Why?

The Oldest man in Congress. Mr. Byrd. His title was brought up a total of ten time throughout the duration of the book. The argument raised was that, yes this person might have done a bang up job during he term(s), but why not give another soul a chance to better it. Our country is all about the better meant of American lives, why are we, the U.S, not doing anything to better ourselves. Just one of the suggestions made was, why not put a cap on the amount of years that are allowed to be held by one specific person. In my personal opinion there has to be an age where judgments become questionable. Beck argues that as American’s are we scared to bring this point up, or are we just settling for what people tell us is okay, without any research of our own being done.

Elected officials are not the only poor souls being beaten with words. American citizens were put at fault as well. Why are we not doing anything to make out points know. In the constitution, does it not clearly say, FOR the people, BY the people, OF the people. In fact, Citizens were the main recipients of blame in this game of slander. Why do we sit idly by and just let others make decisions for us? Is it ignorance or is it put laziness. As young American Individuals we will be taking the hit, as Glenn Beck puts it. Why are we just sitting back and letting our Government spend trillions of dollars “frivolously”. These are the opinions of a man who is willing to speak them for us. Common Sense is centered around American Citizens and how we are constantly point the finger at others, and blaming them for our mistakes, yet we are suffering the ramifications. Is this a fair fight? Or like stated earlier, is it pure laziness?

Historically, this book may play a major role in our decision making process. Thomas Payne’s Common Sense played a historical role in almost every citizen’s life. In my personal opinion, we, as American’s, have not taken our own advice. We should, just as almost every other major country in the world has. The question at hand is, why haven’t we? Is it the empty promises we have been spoon fed, or is it Ignorance. Ignorance has played a significant role in this book. It, acts as a blanket topic for all subtopics discussed.

Thomas Paine’s original version challenged the British Government and all it stood for. In my opinion Glenn Beck is not saying U.S. Citizens should challenge the Government and what they stand for, I believe he is simply saying that we always need to be on our toes. There have been times in past American History that we have not been “on our toes” and the situation has escalated to something it should not have been. I think we need to take the advice of our fellow countries and watch out. I know our country has seen its fair share of turmoil but there is no reason we need to make it even more hard on ourselves than need be. We have seen depression, we have seen civil rights movements, we have seen dreams come and go but if there is one thing that we need to come and see stay it is what our great country of the United States is. We should look at our Country for what it is, what it could be, not for what we idolize it to be.

It seems like all we have seen on the news, read in newspapers, received it texts, are things about our Economy. Like stated earlier, we have seen our fair share of Economic Crises, and we have survived. We might have done a little bit of struggling to over come the situation, but we have made it. Other countries have tried to warn us that we need to take an active role in our Economic State, not let it be a Passive Process. I believe we need to take this advice, and seize it. Not let our opportunity to be heard overlooked.

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