Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lead by example!

The President has yet to let another opportunity to bash his antagonists. In his usual fashion of the blame game, he blatantly fingered the GOP as to their reckless disregard for Americans day to day life. He has this uncanny ability to disavow himself of any wrongdoing in the politics on Capitol Hill. His own Democrats have abated the midterm election probabilities.

He seems to thrive on the gaffes of others, while directing attention from his own showing level of inexperience. Speaking of one GOP Representative's apology to one unmentioned oil company. Even a snide remark of the ill-conceived thoughts of another GOP member, as to the financial situation of the country. Regrettably, he has failed to look at the whole picture of corruption and malfeasance upon his own party.

Does this man have even an inkling of an idea where he is, or what he is doing? His inexperience is a big part of the problem. He needs to perform his duties as set forth in our founding documents, instead of his parties agenda to dissolve these same documents. It is appalling at the idea of these writings being living documents. They are not living, yet physical, in all aspects.

It is time for these elected and appointed persons to act as if they have a little common sense. They need to look at us as their employers, and not the other way around. The blame game is getting a little old. One and a half years in, and it is your fault. Not your predecessor's! Especially when your very own party controls the whole of the federal government, in all aspects. The Democrats can do anything they want, just as Republicans have in the past. The only difference is that when Republicans do it, they get the backhand of the biased media.

Mr. President, are you ever going to take credit for all of your failures. Yes, I said failure. With your party in clear control of both houses and the executive offices, there is no room for anything but success. So, as to my eyes I can only see one cure. Listen carefully. Everyone wants to give advice as to how the problem is to be fixed. Yet, all the parties have had their chance, and all have failed to take the blame when it has turned bad. It is the failure of policy, and not that of the other party.

When you say that you, as President, and the Democratic Party, as the party in power, will take the heat from the public, you are most definite in theory. Yet, here in the real world this will only work when the blame game is put aside, and lay credit where it is due. Quit blaming those that oppose you, and look to those at your side. These members, as your party support, have failed to take your agenda where it is wanted. Therefore it is time to lay blame upon those that have failed you, and your agenda.

The government spending is under the Democrat's review and they are fully responsible as to the happenings. The GOP cannot stop them, they do not have the numbers, you do. Simply put the agenda of spending money we don't have, will get us nowhere but the deeper in debt. The government's agenda of wealth distribution is an idiotic idea. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have worked hard for what I have. I don't get assistance to feed and clothe my family, and I expect none. I pay taxes because I have to, and not because I want to. If you want to keep the agenda of this distribution then I would suggest that you start with your own wealth. Hey, I have an idea. “Lead by example!” How about that for an idea?

I am dismayed at the fact of these individuals, who have never held a real job, telling the working citizenry how they should work their private budget. This advice might be of use if they could manage their own spending. Maybe even cut back on the getaways. At least when I getaway, it is on my own tab.

So, get off my back! I am American. I am a taxpayer. Most important, I am your employer. Get to work and perform your duties as you campaigned, or get out. The whining blame game will not further your career. I, as a citizen and voter, will be the final decision.

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