Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deception, the tool of a careered politician!

"You Lie!"

This seems to be the definitive phrase of the day in OUR political system. The elected officials and their carefree spending have endeavoured to lie to the American populace. One lie at a time makes for a career politician.

There is no accountability and responsibility. None whatsoever. Not even for the citizenry, itself. If we (the citizen) are not accountable for our actions and inactions, then all that is as deserved. The elected ones are not going to show accountability and responsibility as long as the inexperienced leader of the leftist regime lays blame to the prior party politics.

The lie carries into all aspects of government. It matters, not of party affiliation. The results are the same, a lie. One lies, the other counters with a lie. Another virtue of the blame game.

With the lie comes no accountability. The election process, along with campaigning is supposed to be a way of setting the platform for such accountability and responsibility. Can you name one elected official that has been honest about their platform? Maybe there are a few select individuals that fit to the basis. I will not try to confer such an honor among thieves of our guaranteed rights and freedoms, thus granted by the Constitution.

Another of these lies, would be transparency. Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember one un-named individual campaigning on the platform of change through transparency. We all know who this individual is, and a lie it has been. One right after the other. In fact, his term has all the facets to that of the Kristallnacht (literally Crystal Night). The difference is in the deferrence of how it relates to present. The victims are now the American Citizenry. The trigger of such measures is the misrepresentation of rights, granted thus by the Constitution.

The usurpation of the authority of the people will no longer be a viable target for the careered politician. In comparison to the Crystal Night, the outcome is much the same, yet still cause for actions against such cause. If the regime is to succeed, it will have to maintain an affirmation of allegiance from that of the people.

Don't think that the Community Organizer has lost sight of this success. He will wait out the storm (midterm election 2010), in a haze of finger pointing. He is master of organizing the deception to lead the citizenry to blame his opponents for all that is wrong. The real question would have to be, "What is wrong?"

Deception is a quality in the great Community Organizer. Without the worthwhile of this deception, he is lame in his agenda. His recent Recess Appointment of Medicare/Medicaid chief in the dead of night, where is the transparency? The question must be asked, "Why?". This appointment is mired with a corrupt agenda. The issue has members of both wings of the two-party system up in arms. The fact that he would bypass a Constitutional guarantee to afford his agenda an upper hand. Why would this happen. One reason, he knows that scurtiny runs high on both sides of the aisle.

His appointment ( I will call him Dr. Ration) is a fond believer in rationing the healthcare system. He has been cited as to his fascination with the United Kingdom's national healthcare system. This can only make sense if the appointment is his push for an authoritarian hand in all facets of daily life.

As for another of his lies, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are the key to his intention to undermine the military aspect of command. His recent swap of Commanders of Operations seems fitting in his authoritarian hand. He is acting stupidly, as he himself described the police in his beer summit fiasco. That should about say it all.

In reference to the President, "You, Sir are a liar!" Why is it that this man hates America as he does. Is it that he thinks that America owes him something? As President he should grow up and act like a man. His duties are not to insult the citizenry, or their duties. It is however the citizens' right to redress any manner of his duties as they see fit.

We the people are adhering to our just rights and freedoms. So, I might suggest you (the politician, elected official) adhere to your duties, or the matter will be at hand in the mid-terms.

One man's opinion, and solely his own. The First Amendment allows for the redress of grievance and to the reformation of my government as needed. With this, I say the time is now!

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