Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am not the opposition...

Is the American system of representative government so reprehensible as to deserve the the elitist agenda. One might assume as much, after the latest maneuvering of legislation and mandates. It must be said, "This is not my America."

The America I know, allows for differentiation and opinion. In fact it allows (no, it calls for) redress of the citizens' grievances. Yet if this right is invoked, we will be labeled as racist, terrorist, or even the ill-fated unAmerican moniker. The same can be said in regards to the elitists and their usurped authority. It is easily seen as descriptive of the actions of the current regime. The only racist remarks and ideology that can be readily seen is at the hand of the accuser.

When is opposition to an administration or to that of congress considered racism? This term is too easily pushed upon those opining the matters of OUR nation. That's right, OUR nation. It is time to uphold and defend the Constitution. It is NOT, however a toy for the unexperienced and uncaring to change with the whims of shame. Perhaps the Constitution should be read aloud, and explained to the 'haters' of the very oath they took. Yes, took (not given) as should have been. They are committing theft of OUR freedoms.

Yet it has to be asked, "Is it theft, if we allow them to do it?"

The harshness, by which I speak, is a necessity. We the people have to stand strong, and defend the Constitution. It must be understood that we will stand in defense of those unwanting, or incapable, of defending themselves. OUR childrens' future is being stolen. All, while we stand and watch.

Aggression is not the answer. It must be enforced through the upholding of the Constitution. Government sanctioned safety and security monikers will not be the answer. The results of such can be seen in the Patriot Act, Financial Reform legislation, and the ever-destructive, mandated Healthcare agenda. All matters of the Commerce clause, gone awry.

The over-burdening and unwarranted taxation upon the citizenry will only lead to discourse. It can be seen in history, how we have met with undue taxation, without due representation. Furthermore, the illicit taxes burdened upon such citizenry, is used for immoral (and illegal) funding of campaigns in foreign nations. An example of the deplorable use of OUR tax dollars, would be Obama's Kenyan abortion initiative. Unless I am misread, that would be illegal. The 2006 Siljander Amendment made abortion initiatives involving the United States government in foreign entities is illegal. Correct me, if I am wrong.

If we are taxed, it should be used for domestic initiatives, only. If it was anyone else fraudulently using such funds, it would be a crime. The Grand Embezzler should be asked of his illicit affairs of healthcare, auto manufacturing, and the manipulation of commerce fiascoes.

Why does he hate this nation? For that matter, why do any of them hate this nation? Or, do they just hate the Constitution and its freedom bearing guarantees?

I want answers. How about you? Perhaps you have questions of your own. Fine, ask them.

As for the President and his cronies, "I am not the opposition, I am the employer. If you hate my nation then you hate me. What is your answer?"

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