Saturday, July 17, 2010

A newly governed Wall Street...

A newly governed Wall Street...

That is what they want you to believe. They, being the people's representatives in Washington, DC. All as the President is handed his second legislative usurpation of the rights and freedoms in OUR great nation. What glee, he must feel that his multi-faceted agenda is being force-fed to the American citizenry, one page at a time. I hope your hungry. This last feeding is 2300 pages.

Divisive in its party-splitting scenario, it was mostly upon party lines. The few dissenters of one party are merely affiliated as such, in name only. The overall vote was platform to the parties, and the very matter of concern. Clearly, it is seen as truth to the fact that neither party has regard for the common citizenry.

The repeal moniker is tossed about as if it might be an effective measure. Lets face the facts. In order for repeal to work, it has to be acted upon. The matter is purely of an authoritarian outlook. Neither party will want to relinquish the authority of such enacted measures. The taxing of the matter alone, would ensure a slush fund of vast proportions. So, I don't see an honest attempt to repeal such a measure. It is almost assured that if leadership on the hill changes hands, then there might minor attempts at recessing minor elements of the bill. Possibly even the reconsideration of the bills bureaucracy.

Yet, most opposition can be seen to opine their dissatisfaction with this enactment. The true question has to be, "Is the dissatisfaction because of its overstepping of authority, or the more likely, because it was not of your affiliated proposals?"

The left immediately showed enthusiasm as to the mere thought that the right might be deemed wrong in the people's eyes. All I can say is beware the follies of government, and don't render any measure as for any cause other than their own career orientation. Yet another reason for the need of more strenuous guidelines on term limitation, recall, and referendum.

Again, the President allowed his hatred for the traditional America. He immediately touted his discourse over the opposition's lurking views of repeal of the matter. It is all about the President and his agenda, and nothing else matters. To him, we the peole are the stepping stones to which he can subjugate the Constitution. Thus allowing for his anti-traditional American values.

Our dear, inexperienced President should mind his authority, as it is on loan from that of the people. That loan could be called in, yet would he allow for such reproach. Of course not. He continues to lay blame upon predecessors. When will he take heed that what happens from this point on is his baby and none others. He is the obvious reason for allowing the nations financial straits to spiral to an even lower state. How far will he let us fall? I would venture to say, all the way.

Where is the financial security he had promised in his campaign? Was it a lie? Does he have a stopping point? The answer is clear and concise, "NO!"

What he and his cronies refer to as financial protection is more of a government security. Reason being, the government can only prosper on your fear and reasoning so that the question of usurpation of rights and freedoms are not questioned. He states we will never again foot the bill after the enactment of this financial reform package. Are we so soon as to forget the Patriot Act?

There are three reasons for the dissenting voice of the citizenry. They are Scott Brown, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe. They are obviously the voice of "YES", and not the voice of their very campaign promises. So, if you have a problem with this matter then let them know. These dissenters are affiliated with the wrong party, or so it seems. Well, not really. the whole system is a matter of two branches of the same party.

The designation of the bill allows for so-called protections against the government-stressed, evil Wall Street. They are pleading for the measure as a defense aginst the risky activity of the finanial system as a whole. Sounds familiar doesn't it? An almost complete definitive the very government that is purporting to protecting the people and their nation.

As all is said and done, we are told that the results won't be known until the regulations and policies are taken to ground for measure. Another test of trust. What trust? I do not trust the administration or its cronies. The bill sets a so-called structure for protection of our stability. What stability? The very leadership sworn to protect us, has endeared a fear within all of the backbone of this nation. We just don't know where the next blow will be struck. Will it be us next?

It is only a matter of time before we, the citizens are struck down because of these so-called protections. A government mandate by this administration is nothing more than an atrocity to America. We the people must stand strong in our self-protection. If they (the un-representatives) can't tell us about legislations before they are enacted then we must explain it to them. Afterall it is a measure of reading, and all of those elitists are supposedly smarter than the mere peasants of this nation. What could hurt if a dummy such as myself actually read the legislation, before they rush it through? Well, maybe they might feel offended. We cannot violate their civil rights. As they say, " hell with our civil rights!"

As with the usual closing, I am laying out my disclaimer. The matters pertaining to all in this writing are solely my opinion, and mine alone. In regards to my belief in non-aggression in resolution of these matters stands as the proper manner of resolution, and I would all others to take heed of this advice.

Let your voice ring true in liberty.

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