Saturday, July 24, 2010

State-based racism is still just that...

Once again the state run media has overlooked the truth. Racism has been an ongoing factor in all of the current administration's policies. The latest fiasco within the Administration's Agriculture Department has shown light to another of the self-righteous President's race-based agendas. We can't let ourselves be fooled into believing that this fiasco was not a decoy to lure our attentions away from his force-fed socialization plans. All the while he is laying foundation for his total breakdown of the very founding of OUR nation.

Certain members of the press seem to think that while President Barack Obama should have been enjoying his recent legislation wins, race seemed to distract the attention away from his socialist agenda. No matter how it is ployed, this agenda would not pass scrutiny of the general public. Therefore, the only way to allow its concurrent existence is to distract OUR attention away from the truth with frivolous cries of racism and bigotry. The truth be known, the only pushed racism is that flowing the oval office itself.

Although deliberate, the President and his crony administration is lacking in scrutinized discipline. His lack of experience, along with his arrogance have eroded public approval of his policies. Most assuredly, a one-term President, he will undoubtedly aspire in his opportunistic community organizing.

Obama's own predilection has allowed for another of his uninformed bias of such matters involving his own administration. When will he learn to find out what is going on in his own establishment? It beckons me to think on who really puppeteers the White House.

These mistakes, one by one, will dis-establish the President from his ever-decreasing approval ratings. He has shown very little interest in race relations, and has actually driven race more to the forefront of the American society. It is nothing more than a matter of race-baiting and government condoned racism.

It is not at issue, the idea that a blogger was news breaker for the NAACP-Department of Agriculture speaking engagement. The real concern should be that the President and his Administration reacted to such without finding fact to the issue. Let alone the real truth, in question.

I have heard the video, in whole. To set the truth of the matter, it was an active endorsement of reverse racism. We cannot allow for the matter to be pushed aside as a mere act of false reporting. The Administration, itself led off with the immediate dismissal of the department member. Why would they fire one of their own unless they found a wrong-doing? I have found myself pondering the question, was she just a scapegoat to view the White House as innocent of all such manners? Highly probable.

It is amazing how all of this happened to take up most of a work week. Not to mention a week of the government's financial takeover (financial regulatory reform) and a laughable effort of Obama's pretending to make effort to revive the economy and reduce the unemployment problem. Be assured, it was part of his grand scheme. It's a lie!

Noting his past Presidential voicing of opinion on racism, he has managed to wrongly indict a police department, and now one of his own. When is he going to understand his duties, and to whom his responsibilities are rested. For one, he is President and not a judge. Second, he is to be responsible and accountable to the citizen. He is a public servant, and not a monarch.

I have to ask myself, "Does he even know the difference?"

Let us not forget the matter of the New Black Panther Party and their violation of civil rights and the criminal impediment of voters' rights. The charges were dropped by Attorney General Eric Holder. Although he was informed of the dismissal of charges, it is not known when and what he knew of the matter. As AG, one would think that nothing would pass through that office without knowledge of the AG. With that being said, is the AG so inept at his duties as to not be informed of what is happening in his own office? Sounds like pure irresponsibility and a clear case reasoning for dismissal from his duties as the AG.

The case might have been dismissed by the predecessor's administration, yet the Obama administration should have followed through with the matter, in order to show truth in campaign promises. That seems to be a lot to be asked for, knowing the regime  and its dealings with other such matters.

President Obama should take heed to his own words, "to take our time and think these issues through."

In todays life and politics, there is no room for racism or any other bigotry. The President should have have enough respect for the people's office (President), and himself. It is time for the government to stand firm in their action/reactions in regards to racism and bigotry. I am sure there are more pressing matters that need attended to. If they can't find any, I would be more than happy to recommend some issues.

One man's opinion is just that, an opinion! We all have one and all should use it. That is what the founding of our nation was based. Opinion and freedom run together as one, and one for the other.

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