Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New Declaration

The fervor of the mid-term elections are behind us now. It would be thought that all is well. Not in the world of politics. The finger-pointing has only begun anew. The media is making light of the facts of the election results. They seem to undertake an inappropriate means of these results. How they ire the loss of their liberal majority.

Even the liberal should admit the loss is a statement of the people. Yet will they? That is an easy "No". The liberal elitist has begun the game of reasoning the cause of the people. "The people just didn't understand that the plan to straighten America's problems is a time consuming matter. For it was all the bad, big business, GOP fatcats that assured in the demise of the economy." That is what they want you to think. Well, maybe that was not said exactly, but is all as seems in the world of my opinion.

The first words from our ill-experienced president were that of a wish of compromise and renewal of his party's bipatisanship. Wow! Where was this compromise six months ago? I don't know what his idea of bipartisanship is, it doesn't sound good to me. His arrogance only assures of his true agenda. Whatever he might want us to believe, he is not a friend of the people. He said it himself. If you oppose him, you are therefore his enemy. We all know what this means.

Well, I know. Mr. president, you and your liberal, elitist cronies need to understand who the true authority is derived. That is, We the people. It does not matter whether you are citizen, or not. For you are the elected President. So act the part. That is if the teleprompter will allow for such. What am I saying? I forgot that our dear President is on a grand journey to procure the protection of the Asian markets. For he has shown such grand execution of saving our nation's economy, that I could see why he would be called upon to do the same for the rest of the world.

Let's face the reality of politics. He has lost face within his own party and not to mention that of the his citizen electors. He would rather spend our tax dollars on a ten day excursion than to face the American people. Has he finally shown to us, his ill-experience?  Of course not. He believes he has done no wrong, and the American people have no idea what he has done for them.

I have to ask, what has he done for us? Nothing! Well, he has caused for a loss of freedom of enterprise. He has also, all but nationalized a vast market share of the automotive and banking industry. He has pushed forward a mandated purchase program for our healthcare. He has denounced Americanism as racist, bigoted, and sexist. He has accosted the citizen with undue tactics of bypassing elected legislature with that of regulatory acts.

Well, I guess I was wrong in stating he has done nothing for the American people. He has. He has relegated the citizen-sovereign to that of a mere servant of the state. That is exactly why the Declaration of Independence was written in reference to the treatment by the tyrannical monarchy of Britain. If you don't believe this is true then just try reading this grand writing.

History is repeating itself and the results of this past midterm election is a new declaration. One can only see that he and his liberal agenda can  and will soon destroy OUR nation.

As always, I am setting my rights under First Amendment to affront my rights of  opinion. If this opinion offends you then by all means, let me know. It will most likely not change my thought, but it will be heard. As with mine, your opinion matters. Yet it may not matter to some, it is still your opinion. That is the beauty of America.


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