Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take another bow...

Endorsement, that brings a quick smile to my face. The President seems to not understand that his endorsement means nothing. What could be worse for the nation of India, than this arrogant man to give his endorsement. We all saw what happened to his endorsements in the recent midterms. With his endorsement, he has unknowingly brought about the probable grumbling of an already uneasy China. How will China react to the matter of a permanent U. N Security Council seat?

The ever-growing economy of India assures a growth of influence on both trade and climate change. The latter being an Obama agenda. Just where is he going with this pushed influence. As if he actually has any world influence.

His fundamental change is "NOT" working at home, and he obnoxiously believes he can toss his version of fundamental upon the world. He has evidently ascended the clouds of his own footsteps, in believing he can teach his idea of democracy to that of the world's largest democracy, India. "Quick, someone grab him from that stairway to the clouds before he hurts his ego!"

President Obama is trying to teach accountability and responsibility to people of the world, and that is a subject he does not understand. So, he is in no position to suggest any fixes when he cannot even fix the problems in his electorate country. Ten days, will it be enough time to digest his lack of forthcoming in progressive reform.

What are the other security council members thinking about his endorsement? I can honestly say that the vote will not immediately be put to a vote. Stacking the courts and that of the U. N. will only lead to the One World agenda.

He believes that India offers benefits that can be enhanced by a multi-billion trade deal. Is this reassurance enough?

Obama has set the groundwork for what could be seen as a potential trade war between the markets of both India and China. Does anyone have to ask where this trade war would lead? It can only be a mere step towards derision.

The American entourage has an estimated compliment of security, aides, diplomats and business executives. I will not try to estimate the cost to the taxpayer, but will assume the cost is unwarranted. What does he think he is doing spending OUR dollars on nothing more than another vacation for the Obama household. All at the cost of stolen tax dollars.

During the ten day economic tour, he will most-assuredly attend the G20 summit. He will arrogantly push for protective measures against the deavaluing of world currencies. His arrogance shows through with this agenda being that he has a more pressing need at home to protect our dollar value. This being said, he should stop the printing press, and permanently extend the current tax cuts.

One thing can be assured, the new trade deal can only harm the United States. The President will relinquish our trade authority for that of the foreign market. Meaning, any restrictions would only hinder the domestic market while powering the international market.

So, the proof is in the tale. Obama has taken another bow!

As always, I am making statement of One Man's Opinion!

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