Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who is your candidate?

The Obama Administration is leering towards the almost certain possibility of no second term. The economy has shown no viable improvement, while the administration continues to lament on such. While the GOP has yet to show any sign of a leading “go to” candidate.
There is a menagerie of candidates, yet not one stands alone as the name-maker. The nomination seekers are prominent in notoriety. With the likes of Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Pawlenty, Johnson, and Cain the candidate field is most certain to attract a wider spectrum of contenders. Possible contenders are Palin, Bachmann, Huntsman, Bush, Perry, Giuliani, Christie, and Daniels. Some of these candidates have formally stated that they would not seek the nomination. We all know what a formal statement means in politics, “Nothing”. Expect the surprise name-maker.

The real question should be, “Which GOP contender will stand the heat of the lurking naysayers?”

It must be stated that Obama can be defeated. His numbers are not where a sitting President should be. His economic policies have not bode well within the domestic and international straits. Not to mention the Bin Laden poll-builder has dissipated to the null and void. It could even be his defense cuts (military cutbacks) will be a detriment to his future contention to that of a win in 2012.

It will assuredly draw down to the matter of contention within the GOP. Will these candidates draw against each other and cause a split in the general election itself. The leading contender will assuredly have to decide the win on their own and not the matter being decided by the liberal media.

One of the biggest inhibitors of the GOP and other third-party candidates is the impression played out by the liberal-left media. These candidates have to set the playing field in their own right and not allow for the selection to placed in the hand of such. A perfect example of the media playing a crucial part in selecting a beatable candidate for the GOP against a Democrat nominee, in the 2008 election cycle. Yes, I am saying that the media picked McCain because he could be easily defeated by the highly unknown Obama.

I am not taking away from the election of Obama, but the fact of the matter was that the opposition was nowhere to be seen. What do you think?

All I am trying to put forward is the idea of educating ourselves on the platform of each and every candidate. With this and the access of public record, we can track and verify such contentions for ourselves. In this day and age of technology, there is no reason to be ignorant on the truth.

Now is the time to research these potential policy makers. Your understanding on these matters is of the utmost importance. The elitists in politics are counting on the ignorant following to give their vote without question. Don't be a part of that following. It is your vote, and that vote is a choice. Regardless of what is said that a vote was stolen, that is total farce. Your vote is given, yet sometimes coerced using the ignorant factor.

When you step into that ballot box don't be caught off guard. Know the candidates and their policies along with their background. If there is any doubt, question the matter.

As always, I am putting forth my own opinion and perspective. The First Amendment allows for such and I will stand firm in defense of such for all to take effect of the same right.

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