Monday, April 25, 2011

Elusion or Illusion?

Is there anyone in OUR nation's capitol city that has any sense whatsoever? I have to ask the question. The question has an answer, yet I will set upon my own opinion on the matter.

We have a President that seems ignorant of the fact that he has accomplished nothing that is required of his duties assigned by none other than the mainstay of OUR freedom, the Constitution. He has, however accomplished his promise for change. He has under-minded the whole of the citizenry by his use of the “nanny state” agenda of socialist-based destruction of America as we know it.

As for the hope that he promised, I don't see it. I guess the hope is all in the mind's eye of the undeserving entitlement gang. This gang is in reference to the social justice of giving the works of one to the hand of those refusing to fend for themselves. Now it must be reminded that there are a few that cannot fend for themselves, but the many that don't tend to render a falseness to those that won't.

Can't and won't are words that can be overcome. Yet in order to do so, one has to stand up for what is right. Then they have to ask themselves what is right. Engrained in our minds at a young age we learn the difference between right and wrong. Let's just venture the thought of a group of children in elementary school. The teacher can't take the grade of one and give it to another without the explanation of the fairness in the act.

Back to the issue of the current administration and its crises points. The wars, gas price accusations, and the tax issues have taken its toll upon the minds of the citizenry. How far will they push their agenda upon us? They are free to point the finger, yet find no guilt in their own hands.

Just this past week, AG Holder assessed the situation dealing with fuel prices. He had the audacity of stating that the administration wanted to ensure that the people were not burdened by the possible gouging of the fuel pushers over the consumer. To that, I ask what about the gouging of “BIG government” upon the low profit margin of the producers.

Yes, it is true these producers make huge profits. From my miniscule research, I have determined that these same companies make a very low percentage of profit in comparison to government-sanctioned GE, or what about Blackberry? There are many other targets that should possibly be eyed for profit gouging. Perhaps we should even look at “BIG government” itself. Have they not gouged taxpayers for what they have?

I have to say the true criminals are in government. They are first to warn against any disagreement on their policies, yet tread upon the freedom and rights of all true authority. The administration wants to take and take with no good returns. All we hear is the wanton encouragement for us to conserve and yet we see them splurging on congeniality of their own greed.

It was OUR vote that put them their, and it will be OUR vote that will decide the future of their encroachment. So, it can only be reasoned that the fault is truly ours. Yet, all faults can be made right. When the dear President said in a statement regarding the economy, “...we all have to cut back.” I have cut back, and I am sure you have done the same. The First Family has indulged upon OUR hospitality long enough. Do I have to ask how many vacations they have tendered since the beginning of the down-trodden Obama administration?

Not to mention the fact that we were promised an end to the foreign actions as wars. We started out with two fronts and now with the ignorant abounding of a lack of sense and the lurking of a “Me” (Obama) complex, we have ventured into another front in Libya. As I write this, we are entangling the bite of another front in Syria. No Syria has not been engaged yet, but bureaucratic maneuvering has begun. Where will it stop? Must we befriend every aggression out there?

The “Print and Spend” agenda has to be ceased. The printing press is not the answer to OUR problems. The answer is, “STOP SPENDING”. Why not try some real cutbacks? We have been taxed into submission. The taxing is not only of the money, it is upon the mind as well. Was it not the taxing without proper representation that fluxed the “Spirit of '76”?

I know that I will be affronted with accusations on this opinion, yet I stand strong in my opinion and beliefs. This person in the seat of OUR highest chair is the WORST to ever sit upon such. His courtesans and cronies are the path to utter failure and humiliation for OUR Grand Republic.

As always, I bring my opinion to the table. Where is yours?

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