Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is there really a question?

All the talk seems to be the question of whether or not the President is a natural-born citizen. As more time goes by, I find myself wondering the same thing. Is he, or isn't he? If he is then why all the secrecy. The suspense is tearing this Grand Republic to pieces.

In this writing, I will lead with the perspective of those around me. These thoughts vary from person to person. Every one of them, a ventured guess. There are even a few who just don't care.

There are several schools of thought. All of them interesting, yet there can be only one conclusive outcome. With this being said, I am by no means lending precedence on any of these theories. As always, I am of my own opinion.

Let us put this into perspective. What would come of his not being a citizen? If it were so, the cleaning crew (elitist bureaucracy) would move to silence such proof. They would not allow such to show their lack of vetting. Not to mention there would be an unrecoverable instance of scandal that could not be undone.

Though it is true he has usurped the authority of the Constitution, I find myself of the thought that it is a mere political ploy. He is not politically inclined enough to hold his arrogance to a thought. He is unable to differentiate myth from reality. It is thought that he is enamored with his own ego. It is true he is anointed, yet not by the hand of a spiritual being. His ego would not allow any other to anoint other than by his own hand.

As you can see, I am not of a liking to him or his socialist agenda. I for one never fell prey to his campaign rhetoric. The banter of a fool and his cronies only lend to that of a puppet on a string. To find the truth we would have to find the puppet-master. I will leave that for another discussion.

There has been a quote that I use quite often. “Every lie or rumor has a ring of the truth.” He has mouthed lie after lie. Promises, unmade and broken. The man speaks with an affirmative tone, yet undeniably has no answer.

As to the matter of birth, what is he hiding? Is he ashamed of something? Or is there a reality that would shatter his personal situation? Who else has he lied to? Perhaps his own wife, Michelle?

For purposes of insight, let us now venture to another light. Is it a mere re-election ploy? Perhaps a show of good faith, proposed at a precise time to seal an “I-Told-You-So!” lock on a Party primary. Then even to a possible win in the General Election.

The ploy is quite feasible. Why else would he allow for his being to be downtrodden, in such a manner? With the total chaos of a failed administration, this could be his only possibility for a political victory. His show of a long-form birth certificate would definitely give him the egotistical “I'm right, you're wrong” laugh. Whether it would be real, or not that is for another day.

We may never know the truth. At least not from Washington. There will always be conspiracy theories, and many will be untold in truth or legend. One thing is for sure. He will be noted as the worst President in the history of OUR great nation. His failed policies have insured his fate as such.

It is time to stand up and question the authoritarian agenda of the current bureaucracy. We must give voice those that can't or won't do so for themselves. The burdens we present, will be burdened even more so on the youth of today and tomorrow. I for one am ready to take the blame for what we have allowed to happen to OUR nation. What about you?

I am most definitely not speaking of a combative rebellion, yet that of a non-aggressive revolution. The voice of the people will prevail. Through this there will be an insurance of Life and Liberty.

In closing I would set to mind the thought that socialist policies and teleprompters are all that the administration has as a legacy, and they have both show themselves at fault. With this I will end the banter and just make a point that as always, “I support and defend the right of others to have and voice opinion, as I am and will give mine. Opinion is one with Life and Liberty!”

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.”--Samuel Adams

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