Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hypocrisy of choice!

The Tea Party has again been affronted as that of attacking women's rights. If you would believe the word of one blogger, who seems to be ignorant of the truth yet passes her hypocrisy on to others as a self-vindicating guilt. Somehow she has taken a statement by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, in his questioning of a ranking Energy Department staffer. If this blogger (Chelsea Hoffman) would have listened to the whole of the statement she might be able to undertake the meaning and leading process of such statement.

Her article lead with accusatory references as to the conservative, and how they attack the woman's womb by virtue of the right to purchase certain light bulbs. These references were to the White House administration and the respective departments of government in their over-reaching usurping the rights of the individual. The point Rand Paul was trying to make was clear and respective to those acting in total disregard to the Constitution.

Senator Paul also referenced his belief that low-flow toilets are a perfect example of forced conservation, vice that of voluntary conservation. Ms. Hoffman considers the rights of the individual as irrelevant. In her own ignorance, she has thrown her own banter of mundane crap in the idea of pushing her woman's womb diatribe.

I don't know about others, but I for one am not of the ilk to allow for such intrusion into my personal life. There is no choice, when it comes to the dealings of this administration. They deem themselves to be better suited to live your lives, rather than you, your own. Rand Paul was only reiterating the voice of this opinion. Yes, Ms. Hoffman, I said opinion. My opinion is just as important as yours is to you.

There is one difference in our opinions. I consider my opinion as just that an opinion, and you consider yours to be of fact. That is the great part about this great nation. We have that opinion by virtue of the founding of a free nation. Much to your dismay, we still have the right to argue our points. At least until your elitist administration dissolves the right of such.

As Ms. Hoffman generously attributed as ilk, there is every opportunity for her to prove her own ilk. It is highly doubted that she would want a truly defined descriptive of her woman's womb views. The truth will emerge, one way or the other. No matter the lie, there is always a ring of such truth.

This is not a matter of socialism, communism, or the incitement of fear. Nor is it a sway, as Ms. Hoffman calls it, to lure away from liberal agenda. She claims the hypocrisy in the conservative using their point, while she uses the same startegy to push her own agenda. This whole diatribe is not about flushing toilets, light bulbs, or the womb. It is by virtue of the founding belief of America, itself. The freedom of choice is their for all, and not distinguished upon any one topic.

In closing, I would just like to thank Ms. Hoffman in her use of selective hypocrisy. As such, I am gulity of my own hypocrisy, and that is my opinion. If any are interested in reading a single issue view of Ms. Coffman, I am enclosing a link to her article: Chelsea Hoffman

“Choice by the people themselves is not generally distinguished for its wisdom.”--Thomas Jefferson

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