Monday, March 7, 2011

Sense and sensibility...or the lack of!

Sense and sensibility. There seems to be a lack of such in the minds of our elected representatives. At all levels of government, common sense is a rarely used characteristic in the same. The clamour to do the right thing always ends up the wrong answer.

Whether it be local, or at the national level, OUR elected ones act as they know better than that of the People. The talk of cutting the bidget always leads to more spending, while the call to the People always infers them giving up more of their livelihood. Why does it always mean OUR sacrifice and not theirs?

We are asked to subsist with less, while these same elected representatives draft upon that which is not theirs to draft. I know my sacrifice, as do you. Yet, I am unable to see their sacrifice. Have you seen it?

The next time we are asked to sacrifice, ask yourselves how this will effect their being. The truth be seen, We will be the sacrifice. Just ponder the un-named state legislature caucuses fleeing their duties and obligations, in a so-called cause of the People. This is not for the People, for if itwas they would stand and fight. It is merely a fear of not getting their way. Let this not be just a pointed direction towards Democrats, but to the whole of the "duopoly". The GOP is just as guilty as those that have fled their duties of such.

With that being said, let me move on to the lack of sense at the executive level of the national government. OUR lackluster President is now posturing the possibilities of alleviating the burdens of fuel costs by opening fuel reserves. WHAT? I thought he was hardset against such malfeasance. It must be pondered, could this be his ploy to set the stage for a re-election bid? That will soon be answered.

As for the President's further review, he has touched upon certain aspects that are noted now as failed campaign promises. Of these are the Guantanamo Bay detainees being tried by military courts. It was thought to be ended by now, yet the two-year ban seems to have been lifted and the continuance of such will be continued. This is a definite nod of failure on his part of allowing such TERRORISTS being tried as with the rights of the Citizens' court. Like it, or not it is a mass failure.

Not to mention, his lack of sense on the issue of forced purchase healthcare upon the citizenry. Although the court ruling against the hapless agenda, the POTUS continues his plight with disdain to the People's court. It brings to thought the acts of another Democrat President. That man would be Andrew Jackson and his rhetoric of, "...[Chief Justice] John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it." As with Obama, Jackson was setting plight upon a people, without due rule of law and accordance to the Constitution.

To further the disdain for OUR own domestic problems, the President is reportedly pondering the use of military force in foreign matters. This force being pondered for Libya. Why is it that this man and his cronies, as well as other members of the "duopoly" seem to care more for foreign matters than to the matter of domestic affairs. Where is the sense in that?

In answer to the above, I would like make it clear that We the People deserve and expect this sense and sensibility, not the lack of."

In closing I would like to quote Thomas Jefferson, "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."


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