Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where is the debt ceiling?

The debt ceiling debate is wry with offense and counter-offense. Conservatives were looking for a fall in government spending, while the liberal wing were hailing more spending and new taxes. The Obama Administration just wanted their way, or so it seems.
Look, Obama hasn't brought anything to the table. He hasn't presented any proposals as to the debt ceiling. He has just invoked the liberal-left tactic of fear. His rhetoric on not being able to guarantee that social security checks, or other such would be sent out after August second. Of course he couldn't guarantee it because there are no assurances.
Come on, folks! Think about it for a moment. Every year and a half to two years we have this same fear-mongering. This fear-mongering is not just a ploy of one party but of the duopoly, whether it be death panels or taking the checks away. Neither has a far touched facet, at least in proof.
Now, the Conservative wing is up in arms over the lack in spending cuts by the plan issued by Senate Republican McConnell. It is clear a stalemate is upon the situation, yet is there a correct answer? Yes, there is. “QUIT spending, DON'T raise or promote and increase in taxes!”
This current Republican plan lays out a detailed proposal allowing the President to icrementally raise the debt ceiling three times in the next year and a half without GOP support. The proposal would of course, have to be approved by the House and then signed by Obama. It is however doubted that the House will approve of such measures without the assurance of no tax increases and the absolute cut in spending. The Obama sign-off is most assuredly out of the mark.
The Conservative Republican fringe are seemingly hostile toward the minority leader for giving in and relinquishing any chance of bargain with the White House. The debt ceiling is clearly seen to be raised, and without a “no tax increase or spending cut” clause.
Mitch McConnell has made no new friends, and might as well have lost his own grassroots fringe as to his lack of stomach to face off with the President. Thus he can surely say that he has nearly turned his back upon the comeuppance of the Tea Party in sending the GOP to a controlling interest in government affairs throughout the country in the midterm elections last year.
This plan allows for the advancement of national debt to an ever-increasing surge, while any cuts proposed are seen to be eye-candy and never to be of any real value. The only thing that comes to mind on this matter is “Tar and Feather”. I thought Senator McConnell was a believer in the Constitution.

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