Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama, call it what it is!

Acting stupidly! That is what the Obama administration has proven quite consistently. I would venture to say that our fruitless President has proven this on his own. The liberal-left media tries to play up these misadventures, yet fail to spotlight any goodwill from this man-child's perspective.

His latest case for acting stupidly, has given arm to his narcissistic idealogue. He has the self-absorbed idea that he actually has a say in a sovereign nation's policies. Who the hell does this man think he is to set sanction on the foreign head of state in a sovereign nation. Three times in the recent past, he has given his highly unwanted, or needed advice to three of these sovereign nations. These three nations are Israel, Libya, and now Syria. Each and every time, this advice has gone to deaf ears. Thus rightly so, these heads of state have disregarded his self-anointed hand.

His own guidance of domestic policy has failed to stimulate anything but that of his crony union leagues. Sacrifice seems to be his call to action, yet not applying to himself. There is his mention of bipartisan talks and working together in sacrifice. This being said, he still has not applied this towards himself. In retrospect, where was his budget plan? He said he had one. If so, it was written in invisible ink and never read aloud.

The libbie-left agenda has no place for dissent. Our nation's founding Constitution has been shown that it has also no place in the liberal scheme for their ever-loved welfare state. The entitlement plan has a very prominent fixture in their version of a new America.

I have been affronted with accusations and slanderous finger-pointing. As I believe whole-heartedly in OUR Constitution, and find a unique and natural following of other defenders of this Grand Republic. There is no gain for an elected representative of the people to resort to childish tactics of name-calling. The man-child himself has resorted to such antics and defends his self-anointed edicts as right because of his citizen-appointed moniker of socialist.

He laid the groundwork in his actions. Thus, he has shown proof that his actions are that of a socialist agenda. Let me explain my theory. The Marxist-Leninist ideas of a single-party state creating a planned economy, with state owning the production. With this would be the mingling of a Maoist ideal of a market economy of cooperatives and state-owned production means into an exchange.

This can clearly be represented in the healthcare legislation of 2010. It laid groundwork for an exchange of healthcare through staged co-ops. The state-owned and run exchanges would venture into the realm of total government control over a very short time lapse. Call these exchanges what they are. That of being a socialized welfare state. Entitlements to those that the state decides deserves such care, and how they are represented in the exchanges.

These entitlements are all ill-fated in showing a lack of growth of our economy. Obama and his libbie-left cronies are assuring us the fate of the European model of misadventure. Even that of Canada, a socialized state with a mixed market economy remix of socialism. Entitlements are a detriment to our established nation of freedom. Let's do the math. We are paying taxes on a healthcare plan for several years before it is even engaged. Further job loss from the reduced measure of healthcare units and its suppliers. Not to mention the forced attrition of OUR rights and freedoms, granted thus in the Constitution.

The whole agenda of "tax to the max" and their version of the fair tax. How is it fair to pay fifty percent of everything made. That fifty percent doesn't even include that which the state and local establishment municipalities fare upon the individual. That means as much as seventy-five or eighty percent is to be paid out before the payer even lays sight sight upon the pay. Where is the incentive to show gain.

These individuals who have to pay such fares to a convening authority, are unfairly taxed upon. I am not a rich man, and hardly venture into the realm of middle class. Even I see the advantage of not taxing the wealthy out of such wealth. We have to set the story right. That person with the money is also behind the working and market class employment opportunities.

Well enough of the rant. The facts. Obama has a sore attitude towards OUR nation. He and his cronies are out to destroy OUR very founding. The race issue has abounded in an organized effort to allocate publicity away from the true reality of the harmful agenda of tyrannic scheme of the elected representatives. It is the duopoly and not a single party involved. It is not just the Democrat, but the Republican as well. The real culprit is the silent majority. We the people, are the silent majority. Being thus, we shall be heard.

We the people will stand strong in defense of OUR nation. As for myself, I am invoking my first amendment right to speak my mind. my opinion is just that, One Man's Opinion! In my voice I will represent those that can't or won't defend their own rights and freedoms to such.

Accountability and Responsibility is handed to all of us, and not just to those who are elected to represent us. The election process is just the beginning, and these representatives should be affronted and questioned with authority. We the People, are the authority. Let not a one approach upon this right. Take a moment and read the Constitution.

In closing I will ask that of us take a moment of our all-important time to read the first amendment. Just read one article a day from the Constitution. Start by reading this reciting of the First Amendment.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."    

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