Friday, September 2, 2011

We the People and the vote of recall!

The vote of recall is not only a right, but an ever-more important responsibility and duty. We the People are the one true authority in these united States. The political fiasco, the "duopoly" has maneuvered themselves to usurp the authority for themselves. It is time they are held accountable for their misdeeds and lies. In order to effect such a forced accountability, a constitutional recall is a way to force this accountability and responsibility upon these elitists.

If you find this, in any way true to heart then please sign this petition. Together, We the People will Raise Liberty! Here is the link:  We The People Are Raising Liberty!

If we can work together and lay to hand enough signatures, I plan to personally hand it off to as many of the body-elect as may be found. We won't all agree on every measure, so if you are in disagreement, then by all means tell me your ideas. i refuse to sit around and allow these elitists to destroy the Grand Republic.

In freedom of such I call upon the affect of the First Amendment of the duty and right to redress the governing body along with the freedom of speech. Accountability and Responsibility is not only meant for the body-elect, but to the electors as well. We the People are the electors. Let's take our nation back.

As always, this is just "One Man's Opinion!" We don't have to agree, yet we do have the responsibility to respect the freedom of another's freedom of opinion. 

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