Monday, September 19, 2011

What is an ordinary American?

Today Barack Obama beckoned congressional leaders to partake of his new bill. At a cost of $1.5 trillion in wanted tax increases. These increases would be part of his so-called deficit reduction package endured over a ten year period, to a total of $3 trillion. He bantered the use of veto authority to any deficit plan that would not raise taxes on the rich individual and the big corporation. He berated the “duopoly” with his agenda of spend what we don't have and stating his begrudged “...cut our way out”.

His over-rated agenda would be targeted towards the taxpayers in upper-tier incomes. Ten years being his infamous dialogue view of so-called savings, with the withdrawal of armed forces from foreign actions. His proposals conceive tax cuts and public works to create jobs along with the economy.

All the while, the GOP has iterated the idea against any tax increases. The administration's plan would call an end to prior tax cuts and deductions from the Bush administration. Obama referred to such tax cuts and deductions in his asking everyone to pay their fair share.

That is a fine question to ask from someone has partaken of the citizenry in his outlandish spending over abundant vacation sprees. All the while on the taxpayer dime.

He says all of this is not a measure of class warfare, but clearly of math. Not to mention his lamenting of not putting the burden upon his so-called version of ordinary Americans. What exactly is his version of what an ordinary American is?

So far, we have seen him do nothing but declare Tea Party members as unpatriotic and un-American. The last time I saw a Tea Party gathering, guess what I saw. That's right! Ordinary Americans.

Who did I not see? Well, let me see. How about Americans of all races and origins. Americans from all walks of life, and not to mention from different political backgrounds. Yet no unpatriotic and un-American activities.

I would venture to guess his idea of ordinary American would be the faithful blind follower with allegiance to his Marxist agenda.

Mr. Obama, you need to know that I am not one of those followers. I will question any and all of your agenda while you threaten my America. In fact let us all understand that one cannot be seen as an ordinary American when there is no such thing. By definition, ordinary is defined as the parts of a Mass that do not vary from day to day. Although you could classify the citizenry as a whole, as an original definition of a clergyman appointed to attend condemned criminals. So, Sir, if that is your defining of ordinary then we may just find in you and your cronies the vary defined criminals.

I am not quite sure of your prior stimulus package, but I can assuredly say that it stimulated nothing but that of disgruntled economy with no end to be seen in its demise. You, Sir have managed to collapse this Grand Republic and its economy in a mere two and a half years. That is a grand scheme to do in such short manner of time, since it only took us 221 years to build to what we were when you took seat in the people's office.

This man preaches sacrifice, yet where is his sacrifice? He has not rendered any such. He has, however rendered heartbreak upon the economy of this once-trending nation. When will the agony become us? His spending has to stop. We do however need to repair what has been broken. In order to do so we need to take the blame upon ourselves. The truth is We the people... are to blame. Once we have seen our blame we can see clear to repair the situation. The only way to fix that situation is to enact OUR constitutional right redress the government in all its actions. Question with authority, and question often. The election season is upon OUR America, and We the people...will have that redress in OUR vote.

In the end it needs to be known, the vote cannot be taken, only rendered to that what one allows it to be rendered.

The First Amendment has been rendered in these words I have written, and all can be seen these three words, “One Man's Opinion!”

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