Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tea for the pity party!

Occupy! Let's just take a moment to ascertain the heart of the matter. What exactly is this Occupy grouping? Supposedly, the supporters are trying to show redress towards the Wall Street executives and their supposed corrupt dealings. Is this the true reason?

If asked, I am sure there are varying answers to this question. The liberal-biased media of the masses want us to think that this no more different than what they refer to as the “Tea-Bagger Affair”. This so-called comparison is, albeit more than a little off kilter.

Let us first take this matter apart by pointing out the differences. While the Tea Party rallies are geared towards a direct redress of the improper governance, by the elected bureaucracy. The Occupation crowd seems to lay premise that the full brunt of their problems are derived from that of these Wall Street executives. My question would have to be, “How have these executives caused the woes of these young fire brands?”

The Occupy crowd seems to be woeful in their beckoning of a pity party. From what I have seen and heard these crowds have done nothing more than wreak havoc upon the happenstance of the communities that have endured their cries of woe. Crime has endeavored even higher during their tenuous protests. The cry of rape, drug use, and even murder have shown they are there for mere show and have shown no responsibility for repairing their own mishaps. Seemingly they are all adults that could care less about the economy rather than their own well-being.

Tea Party rallies have had no intent of crime or indifference towards the class of any citizenry. In fact these rallies have amassed abundant crowds that are peaceful in their approach the governments over-encroachment of the constitutional authority. Not to mention they did not ask for pity. They have performed their duties in redressing their grievances, as is inherent in the First Amendment. Shall we venture to say there has been no need for the local police faculties to be installed to quell the rampage of the Tea Party rallies.

Why aren't these college students in class? Could it be that the tenured faculties of these universities have inspired the insolence and mentality of the “all for me” entitlement crowd? They cry of their lack of ability to find work, yet when asked what their degree or major is they say philosophy, or literature. Those are fine studies but where will they get you? They have been lied to, the truth distorted when they should have been told that their would be a lack of a need for such scholarly works in today's society.

Yes, I am calling out the liberal education system. The counsel should have been instilled in the students to the truth that there is no guarantee, no matter what the study. This has been an ongoing situation since the government has delved into our education system. For years, educated scholars have dealt with the faculties at hand, and done what they had to do. Yet, in the past these same scholars made their own way.

When viewing these rallies, the protesters are sparse and little more than a rabble. Yet, if you pay mind to the mass media, all that is heard is how effective and large these protests are. One only has to open their eyes to see that the liberal policy makers want us to see a crisis. The only way that these bureaucrats can show any sign of legitimacy is to show how responsive they are to the needs of their constituency. No matter the criminality the ends make.

Will the truth be reasoned upon the deaf ears of our great nation? Where are the defenders of the Constitution? Is there a way to educate these entitlement-biased crowds?

Occupy Wall Street and their subsequent following all seem to want an overcoming end to the executives and their corporate subsidiaries. The reason I mention this is all the technology seen when observing these same protesters. From computers, tablets, cellphones, and music players, all can be seen in use by the so-called entitled. Big news for the ill-informed, all of these items are derived from the works of these corporate executives. Let us break this down for the liberal, lackluster, ill-educated scholars. The computer you may be using is guess what, corporate manufactured. What about that cellphone that you call home for Mom and Dad to send you more money? And that iPod? Need I lend more in example?

That job you might have been looking for with that degree that your parents probably paid for, where was that coming from? More than likely, the corporation.

I am not rendering a defense of the big corporation, yet I do understand that my salary is paid by such. As are most everyday Americans. This even applies to the independent small business. For every aspect of the business and personal world relies somewhat on these corporate ventures. Today, we would find ourselves barren without such luxuries.

In this world we all have to deal the likes and dislikes of today's society. Yet there are many that believe that their likes are more important than your dislikes. All I can say is overcome.

With this being said, I would like a consensus on where the truth lies. Where should the blame lie? Is it Big Corporate, or Big Brother? Some of you will choose one over the other. As for me, the blame is squarely upon the shoulders of Big Brother. The government lays the groundwork for the regulations on the corporate world, and thus many restrictions. Some of these fall sharply upon the employees of such. These restrictions alter the feasibility of the corporation and its shareholders. In saying such, it must also be understood that the heads of these organizations are not without guilt. They will manipulate the system as much as the other guy.

It can easily be undertaken that a redress of government would inherently flow to the free flow of progress of the corporation and all of its dealings. Perhaps a closer look at the dealings of government might show proof that most if not all of the bureaucracy is hand in hand with these executives. In some cases, they will be found to be the executives of such. It is not the Democrat or the Republican, it is the “Duopoly”. You will find that the careered politician is one and the same as the corporate executive. So where should the blame be? I will leave that to you.

As for the Occupy crowd, go back to school and re-evaluate your educational outlook and alter as to fit for the ability to abstain from such fallacy, or the ability and willingness to ascertain change as your grandparents may have. That is if you don't like the system, then make the change. If you make that change, then you will need to be prepared to partake of the aforementioned fallout of such. It is not a crime groom change, yet there may just be an intent of criminal action if forced.

The easy answer to all I have stated is one question, “What would the Founding Fathers have done?”

In closing I would like to render my recurring statement that this is just One Man's Opinion! You don't have to, and probably won't agree with me. Yet that is the grand gesture our great nation.

“The people are the masters of Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it!”--Abraham Lincoln

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